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Thomas W (Patient) 03-25-2010
I highly recommend Dr. Roberts. I was his patient and he removed a section of my colon. His demeanor was calm and professional and his experience level (26 years of colon rectal surgery) made me feel I probably getting one of the best surgeons in the country. He had a pretty full calender so he opted to operate on New Years Eve instead of remaining home with his family. I think that tells you what kind of a person he is. It saved me a 30 day wait. He has my total respect.

On a one to ten scale, this guy is eleven.

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Alex W (Patient) 12-31-2009
Dr. Parker recently performed a hemmorhoidectomy for me. It was al
ost an emergent situation as they were bleeding so severely that I had become extremely anemic. Dr. Roberts was able to see me and perform the operation within 3 days. His demeanor was very reassuring and I felt that he listened thougoughly to my concerns and gave thoughtful answers to my questions. Throughout the entire process I felt supported by him and his staff.

Given that I needed to see him over a holiday my experience could have been much different. I highly reccommend Dr. Roberts and his staff for any procedure you may need.

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YAKKIN (Patient) 07-04-2007
Dr M Parker Roberts III assisted in my excision of endometriosis surgery in March, 2006, at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. I am remiss to wait this long to thank him for his expertise.

Dr Roberts is a colo-rectal specialist, and operated on me as a result of severe intestinal endometriosis. The procedure was extensive and done laparoscopically, I required no colostomy bag, a small incision, and was home 3 days after surgery, none the worse for wear.

I tease that he's the type of guy with a job that makes you never want to see him again. I don't really mean this (well, maybe a little!). I do not have a need to see him. However, if there was ever a need to have this type of care again I would not hesitate to contact him.

His demeanor was calm and confident. I appreciated his patience with my fear prior to surgery, and then to see me in my hospital room after the surgery. He has a complimentary staff of residents and then associates who provided me with excellent care while in the hospital.

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