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Michelle (Patient) 12-11-2008
Dr. Sackett actually takes the time to talk with you. I have never felt rushed with her like I have in the past with other doctors. I also like that if you need to get in for an appointment that the wait is days, not months. I definitely recommend Dr. Sackett.

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Misty (Patient) 07-06-2007
Sundance Medical Center is like a return to days gone by. The doctors here (a husband and wife team) know their patients personally. They take the time learn about you, your family, and your life. They take all of these factors into consideration when treating you. Helping you to make certain that the care you recieve is best for you and your life.

Not only that, but Dr. Sackett calls to check up on you. When you are ill, she or her nurse is on the phoning asking how you are feeling. Is it getting better? What can I do to help? Would you like to come in and talk about it?

She reminds me of one of those small town doctors that you see in the movies. I am quite certain that if necessary she would do a house call. She is that dedicated to her patients.

I have jumped from dr to dr as my insurance or location has changed. This is one doctor I can see growing old with. She is a doctor you want to treat the generations that follow you.

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(480) 7820609

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