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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Alaska Anchorage

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(City : Anchorage)
(ZIP : 99508)
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Donna Lyn CHESTER MD's Special Expertises :
• General and Specialized Gynecological Care
• Premenstrual Syndrome
• Genetic BRCA testing and Prevention Planning
• Menopausal Management
• Hormone Therapy
• Urogy...

Suggestions & Reviews for Donna Lyn CHESTER MD
S Hart (Patient) 10-20-2016
The best surgeon & most compassionate doctor in the whole state of Alaska for women's needs...thanking God for Dr Chester & her team!!! Surgery: 9/29/16. I am now getting to experience a new chapter with 100% improvement in quality of life. Dr Chester & her staff helped me every step of the way. They listen & respect you, giving you practical strategy & options to choose what is right for you. I am so thankful for the excellent care I received & highly recommend Dr Chester.

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Litlbeth (Patient) 05-18-2016
I am infertile and have suffered horrible painful periods for years. After finding out about the infertility I could not find a doctor willing to do anything to help (namely a hysterectomy). During my first appointment with Dr. Chester we discussed my past, the fact that pregnancy was not an option and that I would like surgery. She reviewed my file and agreed.

She reformed the surgery a week ago today and has been available to see me though every question and concern.

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PAM (Patient) 05-15-2012
A Special note to say Thank You for your mailed notice concerning my check up. I so appreciate your notices as life get's so busy sometimes. My work company has sent us back to the lower 48 for at least a year. Therefore I won't be able to come to your office, however I will be back and you will be my first stop. You have always gotten me in when i had a problem. You have done a great job. You concern for women is very needed, I appreciate that about your office. and will see you soon!

Thank You!

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Patient (Patient) 02-23-2012
A Thank You Note From A Patient: I would 100% recommend this Dr. not only for her Dedication to Women’s Health and her Educational Decision making but her promptness for going over and beyond, When I found out I had an aggressive type of cancer the office moved quickly to refer me onto a doctor that was able to see me immediately, and your willingness to donate your surgical block time that they were able to do surgery immediately was kind beyond what words can express. Dr. Chester office staff also worked so hard to comfort and support me through the whole thing and I am grateful for there support and the true meaning of caring that they show on a daily basis.

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anonymous (Patient) 03-09-2009
Dr. Chester performed a laparoscopy for endometriosis. While she was unable to treat all of the problem, she did manage to alleviate a lot of the pain. I had no complications after the surgery, and healed very quickly with no issues and almost no scarring. I would recommend her without hesitation.

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VICKY B (Patient) 09-14-2007
8 years and 5 months ago I was one of Dr Donna Chesters patients. My daughter was born from an abruption if it was not for Dr Chester and the staff at the hospital my daughter would not be here today nor would I.
She is an excellent Dr. and person. She cares and takes time with each of her patients. After my daughter was born there were many other problems including my post pardon depression, which was so great that I would walk into her office without an appointment and she would take the time to see me, if she was not available one of her office staff would fill in.
If someone is looking for a family oriented, caring, and wanting to feel important, no matter what the issue is I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Chester and her staff.

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Rhonda (Patient) 07-12-2007
I have yet to find another doctor who is as compassion and caring as Dr. Chester nor as dedicated or friendly to her patients. She is very encouraging even when she has to deliver bad news, she is easy to talk to, listens well and gives her patients the time needed during their appointments. She is not afraid to think outside the box when traditional medicine isn't doing the job. She is a very skilled and excellent surgeon. I would recommend Dr. Chester to anyone and do every chance I get.

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