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Oncology (Cancer) - North Carolina Chapel Hill

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North Carolina

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Andrew BERCHUCK MD's Special Expertises :
Gynecological Oncology

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Marti B (Patient) 05-19-2012
I have been Dr. Berchuck's patient since my diagnosis in 2007 with Borderline Ovarian Cancer. I'm very fortunate that I live in Durham and have one of the top oncology doctors in the world to care for me right in my own backyard. He is somewhat shy and quiet, but don't let that fool you. He cares about his patients and works very hard to save and improve our lives. He is also involved in ovarian cancer research that will help save the lives of literally millions of women in the future.

As mentioned in another recommendation, his nurse Charlotte is an incredible caregiver in her own right. She, on the other hand, is not shy and quiet and goes the extra mile to take wonderful care of Dr. B's patients. In fact, his entire staff, from the PAs to the nurses and office staff are very caring, even down to the woman who makes your next appointment.

I highly recommend Dr. Berchuck and the Duke Cancer Center for anyone who finds themselves in need of such care.

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Betty (Patient) 09-10-2011
I battled a deep pain for almost two years. I had been to see several specialists and had two major surgeries with no results but the same pain and bleeding as before. My appointment with Dr. Berchuck was the start of a person who took the time to listen and hear my cry for help. He scheduled me for an exploratory surgery the same week. He heard my cry of desperation and from that point on my path in life was discovered. He diagnosed me with Ovarian cancer and right away had the team at Duke to respond to me with compassion and great care. To this day, I am still his patient. Because of him taking the time to listen to my cry for help he has provided for me longer life. That was August 2006. To all the women who question if something is just not right, I encourage you not to wait... Thank you Dr Berchuck and your wonderful staff at Duke for the exceptional care that you have given me through the years! You are the best!!!! Lots of luck to you in your Ovarian research that you hold at Duke Comprehensive Oncology Clinic.

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melinda (Patient) 07-04-2010
I was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer in December of 2009 and Dr. Berchuck was my surgical oncologist. He continues to treat me - I have finished 6 chemo treatments and am in remission. He is saving my life so I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. He is very smart and his entire gynecological group is very professional - they all care a great deal about their patients. Love his nurse Charlotte too - she always answers her phone and she always remembers the little details that make such a big difference. They make going through a life altering experience completely bearable. If there is any chance at all that you might have ovarian cancer, RUN (don't walk) to Duke and make sure you have a qualified gynecological oncologist like Dr. Berchuck -or one of his team, as your surgeon.

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Christina (Patient) 01-13-2007
I was recommended to Dr. Berchuck at Duke University Cancer Center. He treated me for cervical cancer. At Duke they assign a team to treat you and they have meetings to discuss the patient and their treatment. Dr. B was very knowledgable and so patient to answer all my questions. He is on the board of advisors and head of research in gynecology-oncology. He has a nurse, Charlotte, dedicated to him. If you need prescription refills,have questions about your treatment or just need comforting, she is always there for you. Dr. B and Charlotte are the greatest. They saved my life and I am ever so grateful. Professional, knowledgable but most important- COMPASSIONATE.
Please consider Dr.Andrew Berchuck at Duke for your treatment. You will not be disappointed. Thanks!!!

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