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Crystal McLeod (Patient) 07-22-2020
Dr. Bicher is awesome!

When I first saw her as a patient, I was a proverbial mess!! Her calm manner and precision analysis of my situation left me clear on what had to be done and why, which was fantastic.

She came to my appointment aware of my circumstances and having reviewed all of the images and reports that lead me to her office. But she did not make her decisions solely on that information, she also conducted her own exam and actually changed what was originally recommended based on that information.

She is no doubt one of the best specialist I have ever encountered across all of the disciplines that I require specialist for (pulmonary, cardiology, ortho, and Hemotology).

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Marie B (Patient) 07-21-2013
Dr. Bicher is an oncologist pelvic surgical specialist. Although I did not have cancer, I had stage 4 endometriosis and a history of distorted organs needing organ reconstruction from the severe endo. Each time I met with Dr. Bicher, her calm demeanor put my mid at ease and I immediately knew I could trust her. My case was severe and she got me in for surgery within weeks of my initial visit - no waiting! She came to talk to me before the surgery and reassured me. Her staff was professional and had a great bed-side manner. Once I woke up in recovery I could already tell a difference in how I felt. I felt "normal" again. Normal recovery pain, but that's all. She did a LAVH, total hyst with BSO and worked on my intestines which were glued together from the endo, and got the ovaries out which were also glued to the pelvic wall due to the endo. Pathology report showed a slew of other issues: adenomyosis and Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. I made the right decision with this doctor, and she made the right decision to perform this type of procedure on me - after suffering my entire adult life, I can finally have my life back. The after care I have received from her office has been truly amazing. They did not forget about me after the operation, they have been there to treat me every step of the way. I am truly blessed to have found her and her practice. I highly recommend Dr. Bicher to anyone considering pelvic surgery of any kind!

I later learned that she treated my co-worker for cancer.

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Martha A. B (Patient) 05-13-2010
Annette Bicher is a straightforward knowledgeable ally in my journey through cancer. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on April 3, 2008 and met with her on April 12th. I had many many questions, some trivial some not, I was scared (who wouldn’t be) at the beginning of my first appointment with her. By the end of that appointment, I felt reassured that she was truly MY doctor. She took the time to answer my questions – and she didn’t pull any punches. She gave me straight answers but also took my questions further and explained in some detail the operation I was facing, how the surgical outcome would be evaluated in terms of my future options for care, and generally made me feel like we were in this together and she was as committed to my coming through this not just alive but alive and well.

All the promise of that first meeting was met. I’m a little more than two years from that long and difficult time. I was given options about which chemotherapy protocol I would pursue and when I asked her for a candid recommendation about which might take me closest to my goal of returning to my life as I know it, she gave me that recommendation (which I followed.) She didn’t just care about my physical being she cared about how I felt. She has always made me feel that I wasn’t “just one more patient”, I was an individual who had a life before, during and after my active fight with cancer. Even in the thick of things, she never failed to acknowledge the “non cancer” part of me.

I could go on and on but this is a phenomenal doctor, a caring human being, and a skilled, knowledgeable and well respected surgeon. What more could you ask for when you need an ally in the fight for your life.

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Stephanie (Patient) 07-26-2007
When I was diagnosed with invasive squamous cell carcinoma in January 2007, Dr. Bicher was recommended to me by my OB/GYN. When I called her office for an appointment, I was treated with professionalism as well as compassion and given an appointment for a consultation the next afternoon.

At my initial appointment, I was very nervous and frightened but Dr. Bicher and her staff immediately put my mind at ease. Dr. Bicher has a calm demeanor that exudes a quiet confidence. I loved that there were pictures of her husband and children in her office.

My husband and I met with Dr. Bicher, first, in her office and were able to give a detailed history of the problems that I had been having. She looked over my medical records and asked a lot of questions. Next, Dr. Bicher performed a thorough exam where she initially "staged" my cancer. (The CT scan that was performed the next week verified her initial staging.) After the exam, my husband and I were shown into her office again where she explained the type of cancer that I had, the surgery that she would perform, the probably outcome and issues that I would deal with along the way, and allowed us to ask every question that we could think of. I felt like I was a partner in my care rather than just a patient. She helped me feel more in control of my situation. That was a blessing.

I never once, felt rushed or hurried through the process. She was empathetic and concerned about me but gave me every confidence that I would be OK.
The experience, from start to finish, was as pleasant as it could have been. That is saying something!

While in the hospital for the hysterectomy, the nursing staff had nothing but praise for Dr. Bicher. I was told numerous times that if they were having surgery, she would be the doctor that they would choose. I saw her immediately before the surgery and numerous times during her rounds. Any concerns that I had were addressed quickly.

I know that Dr. Bicher is an extremely busy woman but I never felt that she had any other patients other than me. I felt as if my care were her one and only priority.
I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone facing cancer or pelvic/GYN surgery.

I am thankful that I was sent to such a competant, talented, and caring physician.

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