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Constantino G MENDIETA MD
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Constantino G MENDIETA MD
Plastic Surgery - Florida Miami

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(City : Miami)
(ZIP : 33133)
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Plastic Surgery

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MIRYAM (Patient) 05-01-2013
Dr Mendieta, and all his staff, specially the nurses are not only very qualified but you get a family environment. Its being a year since Dr did a brazilian butt. Its better now that when he did it a year ago. I am very happy with it. I get lots of nice comments at the gym. People get concerned about not being able to sit. You get used to it. I learned to sit in a pillow and drive with pillow under my legs. So very worth it. It will change your life. The best money I have ever spent. Do not be confused with the cheap clinics. Dr Mendieta is not the cheapest but he is the best. You will look so natural that only the people that know you will notice your beautiful new butt. For the rest that have not seen you before, you just a perfect God creation. I am just a happy patient. --Miryam

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Lisa P (Patient) 03-05-2013
The staff are just wonderful what impress me the most is the courtersy and most of all the human touch of the staff is just great.

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Lily B. (Patient) 01-23-2013
Very happy with over all shape and curves, surgery is major with implants and takes a long recovery. But so worth it for the S curve and big perfect butt and little waist. only downfall I didn't like my scar from the implants. made me very self conscience. Came back a year later for fat transfer to hide scar from implants. Much happier with over all look now.

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Diane M. (Patient) 11-14-2012
Everyone in Dr. Mendieta's office is good but Norma is the best. She took very good care of me.

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bivieti b (Patient) 11-06-2012
Dr. Mendieta is the best doctor.

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S.D. (Patient) 10-02-2012
Dr. Mendieta and his staff are very helpful -- S.D., Miami, FL

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P.M. (Patient) 09-24-2012
Dr. Mendieta and his staff are beyond exceptional! I have referred over 2 patients and will continue to do so. The experience at his office is in a class by itself. He has a very skilled staff who are always willing to cater to his patients. I love going to his office and he is the only physician I will trust with my life and my family's life. Go Team Mendieta!!!!!!!!! P.M.

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M.A. (Patient) 08-28-2012
I have truly had a wonderful experience with Dr. Mendieta and all the staff. Everyone is always helpful and informative. I felt comfortable right away and never doubted my choice. MA, Miami, FL

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I.C. (Patient) 07-18-2012
I am so pleased. Dr. Mendieta has given me the body of my dreams. He is the BEST! -- IC, Miami, FL

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Vivian (Patient) 06-27-2012
I'm very satisfied with Dr. Mendieta. I have never felt so happy. - Vivian, Miami, FL

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RAQUEL F (Patient) 06-08-2012
Caring, excellent doctor with the best staff! Raquel F, Miami, FL

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T Vanderwill (Patient) 05-25-2012
I did not realize how invasive the surgery would be and I was scared the first few days after the surgery but Dr. Mendieta and his staff were very reasuring and kind..its what got me thru! -- T Vanderwill, Rochester, MI

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