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William Thomas MADLAND MD
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William Thomas MADLAND MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - North Dakota Minot

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North Dakota

(City : Minot)
(ZIP : 58703)
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William Thomas MADLAND MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for William Thomas MADLAND MD
TG (Patient) 08-20-2009
Dr. Madland delivered my daughter when my regular OB/GYN was out of town and was PHENOMENAL. So much so that I immediately wanted to switch and have him be my regular OB/GYN! Unfortunately, by the time I was able to, he was leaving Minot. :(

Truly one of the best, and whatever city gets him is incredibly lucky!

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jwil (Patient) 08-03-2009
Great doctor! sad to see him leave minot!

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Bonnie (Patient) 06-12-2009
I was skeptical after I lost my other OBGYN and had to go to Dr. Madland, as suggested by my former GYN. My fears were instantly put to rest in this very caring physician's hands. He performed my hysterectomy and I had my yearly exams with him. I am sorry to see him leave the Minot area and whatever hospital is getting him, is getting the best. We will miss you
Dr. Madland. Very much. : (

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Mandi (Patient) 08-01-2007
Dr. Madland is the most understanding, caring doctor I have ever met. There are more thank you cards on his walls then ive ever seen.

No matter how many patients he has or how busy he is he always makes you feel like your his only patient. He always has a smile on his face when he enters the room. If you had to wait for longer than usual (which we all know is common) he will always apologize but you still get his undivided attention. He always returns your calls and does everything he can to help you. When you are worried about something or just have a simple question its always a relief to answer the phone and hear his cheerful voice.

He has helped me personally thru alot the last four years. From a miscarriage, to a complicated pregnancy with my daughter which resulted in numerous hospital visits. To the now chronic pain I have that has resulted in a Hysterectomy scheduled for a month from now.

He always asks about my husband and my children and loves to hear stories. To many I know he is a very trusted doctor and confidante, and Its so nice to have a doctor who will listen to your feelings no matter what.

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