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Dana Marie BENDEN MD
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Dana Marie BENDEN MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Wisconsin La Crosse

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(City : La Crosse)
(ZIP : 54601)
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Dana Marie BENDEN MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Errin W (Patient) 05-05-2013
Dr. Benden performed a da Vinci hysterectomy on April 26, 2013. Because of the size of my fibroids, there was a possibility that an abdominal hysterectomy would have to be performed, and I really wanted to avoid that if at all possible. Thanks to Dr. Benden's skill and expertise, I was able to have a complete hysterectomy with NO abdominal incision! In addition to her medical expertise, she also has a wonderful bedside manner, and is very kind, gentle and compassionate. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in the area considering a hysterectomy!

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Denice (Patient) 08-01-2007
I didn't meet Dr. Benden until 2 days before my hysterctomy, so I was very nervous about having surgery with a doctor I had never seen before. But I soon found out that she is very caring and is a great surgeon. Many people who found out that she was my doctor told me that I would like her and that she was very good. They were correct and I feel that she has given me the best of care. She is always friendly and cheerful and has a great sense of humor. She doesn't seem distant like some doctors do.

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Office 1836 South Ave La Crosse 54601
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Office Phone # :
(608) 7827300
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(608) 7916334

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Univ Of Wi Med Sch, Madison Wi 53706
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(23 years of experience)

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