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John Raymond LUE MD
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John Raymond LUE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Georgia Atlanta

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(City : Atlanta)
(ZIP : 30312)
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John Raymond LUE MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Karma (Patient) 02-20-2009
Dr.Lue is the greatest!!! Prior to meeting Dr.Lue I had experienced 2 miscarriages, and was almost at the point of giving up on having children. I was then recommended to him by a "friend of a friend". I scheduled an appointment with him immediately after the second lost. Upon our first visit he sat down and talked with us on a very personal level and encouraged us to try again soon. He also explained my problem (incompetent cervix) and his recommendation. We were so excited and hopeful upon leaving his office. Prior to every hospital procedure during BOTH of my next pregancies he prayed with us; this alone says a lot about him. Long story short I have two beautiful, and energetic sons that I thank GOD for. This has made such a major impact on me, more than he knows. Like he says: "I thank GOD for allowing him to use his hands as the tools". I would recommend him to anyone wanting to have children or who is just looking for a great OBGYN!!!!!!
Dr.Lue is very personable. He works in a practice primarily alone. In the 2 1/2 yrs that I saw him, (bi weekly and weekly), I was never seen by anyone else. Once he is in the room with you, he never rushes and always take time to talk to you (no matter how long it takes). He is always in a very good and cheerful mood, even if he has just come across the bridge from delivering a baby (smile).

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bridgette (Patient) 03-10-2008
best man, i know personailty intelligent, outgoing, things that i can even put into words

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Rasheida (Patient) 10-01-2007
He is a Great doctor!!!!!!!!!!

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Rochelle F (Patient) 08-11-2007
I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on 7/18/07.He is an experienced OB-GYN. At our first meeting he listened well.He has a great bedside manner.He took time to listen to all my complaints ,and answered all my questions. He stated that he was going to treat me the way he treated his own mother. He did the surgery bloodless. I only lost 100 cc of blood. This was so important to me because of my religious views. He and his staff were professional and courteous.I'm a RN with 24 years experience.I have worked with OB,s for over 10 years as a labor & delivery nurse. So I've seen OB DRS up close for along time. DR. John Lue gets rave reviews from me.!!!!.

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Office 315 Boulevard NE Ste 328 Atlanta 30312
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Office Phone # :
(770) 4832368
Fax # :
(770) 7855098

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Morehouse Sch Of Med, Atlanta Ga 30310
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(27 years of experience)

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