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Francisco J GARCINI MD
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Francisco J GARCINI MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Illinois New Lenox

Francisco J GARCINI
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Francisco J GARCINI MD



(City : New Lenox)
(ZIP : 60451)
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Francisco J GARCINI MD's Special Expertises :
Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery:

Dr. Francisco J. Garcini is an experienced minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon with special interest in advanced laparoscopic, hysteroscopic a...

Suggestions & Reviews for Francisco J GARCINI MD
Lisa (Patient) 11-03-2013
Dr. garcini and his wife and team are all very friendly and prompt. It is a busy office, but I always feel like I am a valued patient. Dr. Garcini has years of experience, from child birth to menopause and minimally invasive surgeries. I am happy to have found him.


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Connie (Friend) 05-01-2013
I highly recommend Dr. Garcini, because I feel comfortable with him . He is friendly and kind. He takes the time to answer all of your questions so that you never feel rushed.

I had fibroid tumors, so I chose to have the Da Vinci hysterectomy . It was only an overnight stay in the hospital.
Only minor discomfort at first but your up and around in no time. I only wished I did this sooner.
Dr. Garcini is the best OB/GYN that I've ever experienced.

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Sheila W (Patient) 04-06-2013
Dr Garcini is a Very Kind & Caring Dr. He performed the da vinci robotic surgery on me. I can not believe how much better I feel. I wish I would have gone to him sooner!
The experience was very good & with very little pain.
The recovery went quite quickly.
I highly recommend him! He really cares about the well being of his patients. He takes alot of time explaining things
and everything went just as he said it would. Thank-you so much I feel so much better!

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Vargas (Patient) 02-16-2013
I am very happy with the results of the Ablation, I highly recommend Dr Garcini for this procedure. he did a great job.

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Julie B. (Patient) 01-31-2013
Dr. Garcini really listens to me. He diagnosed what other doctors missed for years. I needed a hysterectomy and Dr. Garcini is experienced in DaVinci robotic surgery, which greatly reduced my healing time, hospital stay, and time off work. He spent time explaining everything in detail and made me feel very comfortable. I also never feel rushed at my appointments. He is compassionate, caring and professional!

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Gidget H (Patient) 01-23-2013
I highly recommend Dr. Francisco J. Garcini of Partners In Obstetrics & Women's Health. His & staff services provided to me were very professional & friendly. Dr. Garcini performed a Da Vinci Robtic Surgical procedure on me which he explained in detail and with care & kindness how less invasive and minimizing pain i would have with this procedure. He provided me with written documentaion & dvd for this procedure along with his medical background experience that gave me great comfort that i needed going into surgery. My recovery was a success and im back to normal activities thanks to Dr. Garcini. I work in a medical enviroment therefore telling my colleague's along with family & friends how pleased i am with Dr. Garcini's services.

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Jena N. (Patient) 12-30-2012
I went to Dr. Garcini because his practice sounded like it focused on all aspects of a woman's health and was well rounded in women's needs. I also liked his new location at Silver Cross Hospital.

I did not go to my first visit planning to have surgery but that was the best decision we decided on. Dr. Garcini was excellent at educating me... a very involved patient, about my options, my condtion, how the body is working and what I could expect. He spent A LOT of time with me and listened patiently to me through my tears, leaving just briefly to go see another patient quickly, which I understood. Since I am an involved patient, it is important to me to find my own cures and options and he listened to them all, even offering a new treatment using an active ingredient of a common spice!

On the day of surgery, he personally explained things to me and came to see me a few times before surgery, was right there while I was put under and also came to see me 4 times!!! in the 24 hours I stayed in an inpatient room. He made himself VERY accessible via phone and also has email and a website.

His office staff is always courteous and helpful. I recommend him to anyone looking for an open minded doctor who will listen to your ideas and honor your past experiences.

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carolina (Patient) 07-05-2012
He is an exelent doctor, he cares, and takes time to listen to my concerns, but the most inportant to me that he is bilingual and we talk in SPANISH!! it make me very cofortable and understand everything i need to know.

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Julie C. (Patient) 06-01-2012
My previous gynecologist was not a very patient person never wanting to sit and answer questions. I never felt comfortable. This led me to search for a different doctor. Dr. Garcini took the time to explain my procedure and subsequent surgery. I, as well as my husband, had the opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns we had. I would recommend Dr. Garcini to anyone searching for an ob/gyn.

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Bernie (Patient) 03-23-2012
Dr. Garcini has been very caring,professional and informative in my interactions with his practice. Even when the office is busy, he takes time to insure that any and all questions are answered. Even though my oncologist does not share the same hospital data base, Dr. Garcini has make certain that any information is shared between the two offices. Annually,he helps me determine that all testing is being done either by his practice or by my onclogist. He has a comfortng manner which was appreciated when my cancer was diagnosed. I would recommend him as an excellent gynecologist.

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Laura L. R (Patient) 03-14-2012
I strongly recommend Dr. Garcini to anyone who is looking for a gynecologist, he is the best doctor that I have had so far. The ER doctor initially had asked another gynecologist to take over my care that doctor refused to treat me since I have HMO insurance and I was not her established patient. In the other hand Dr. Garcini agreed to take over care. I was very sick due to an unknown cause. Dr. Garcini ordered an MRI and due to this test and a D and C he was able to determine I had a fibroid (bening tumor). It was a relief for me since I had been sick for quite sometime and my PCP was not being very helpful at all. Eventhough she was aware of my syptoms and how sick I was she was not ordering any further testing, I had to ask her myself to order an ultrasound and she had only ordered a gallbladder ultrasound. Which did not help with my sickness. Dr. Garcini has done all the necessary tests without me having to ask for them. He is still treating me for fibroids and I am very satisfied with his great quality of work he is a very friendly, caring and informative care giver. If you have a question he answers all of them, my PCP in one ocassion asked me to google my question (which clearly is not an answer I expected from a doctor). I would not change Dr. Garcini since I have always had very satisfactory experiences with his care.

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Jeanne (Patient) 07-27-2010
I went to Dr. Garcini for a second opinion after many months of trying to decide what was the right decision for me. From my first appointment my husband was welcome in the exam room as Dr. Garcini explained in detail my condition and my course of treatment which was a total laparoscopic hysterectomy. He took the time to answer not only mine, but my husbands questions. He was comforting, friendly, trustworthy, and to me the most important experienced. I felt comfortable enough to ask him any question that I had. I just had my six week post-op appointment today and the care that Dr. Garcini gave me throughout my treatment never changed he was always respectful of my concerns and wanted to know to know my questions every time I saw him. I would not think twice about recommending him to anyone in fact I asked him for some of his cards to give to some friends that have asked for his number.

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Mandy (Patient) 08-11-2007
I have suffered with pelvic pain for years with no relief. I was referred to Dr. Garcini by a nurse in the Recovery room at Silver Cross Hospital. I had just had yet another unsuccessful surgery for my pain. I saw D. Garcini a week later and found him to be caring, sensitive, and most of all confident that he could help with my pain. A month later he did surgery for me and I have been pain free, since then. (other than post-op pain) At my follow-up visit he made me feel very comfortable, and explained everything to me. I would reccomend him to anyone.

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