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Sharon Bray (Patient) 08-28-2007
Dr. John Waitkus has been a general surgery and then a General Practioner when he no longer did surgery. He has been a doctor 66 years, non stop. He has taught other doctors while keeping his own practice up. He is a good listener who takes everything you say seriously and trys to help you. His knowledge is spectactular from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. He does not overlook anything when he examines you. He is super nice to deal with and all his patients love him. He kept working despite many physical conditions he had as he felt that his patients needed him. He also felt that people who retire, die soon. He retired in June after having another stroke in February. I miss him terribly. There is no other doctor in the world like him. He is the Greatest Doctor in the World. He cannot see patients anymore but what I would like to see is that he gets the recognition he deserves for practicing for 66 years and left behind patients who admired and loved him dearly. He resides in Chicago, IL and his Hospital is Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, IL. He was my doctor for 35 years. I was very priviledged to have him as my doctor.

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