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Oksana ARON MD
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Oksana ARON MD
Internal Medicine - New York Brooklyn

Oksana ARON
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Oksana ARON MD


New York

(City : Brooklyn)
(ZIP : 11209)
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Oksana ARON MD's Special Expertises :
Internal Medicine, Medical Weight Loss, Weight Loss Management, Nutritional Counseling, Acupuncture

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Long Island NY (Patient) 11-25-2009
I came to Dr Aron as a regular new patient as I had recently moved to New York and was needing a new PCP (primary care physician). In the course of my early visits I was astonished to discover that there was such a thing as medical weight loss, and frankly, I was quite scared of it.

I was however also very aware that despite my own wishes, I was indeed overweight and suffering from knee and back pain that ironically would deter me from exercising as I had used to in my younger days.

Dr Aron was so patient and understanding and did not judge me nor make me feel obligated to participate any more than I was ready. Soon I began to understand how the plan worked and it was so much easier than I had ever imagined. I had mixed success with other plans like weight watchers, and hated the sense of deprivation and requisite math and meal points.

WeightLossNYC did not have such a complicated method, and with their guidance and coaching I began to make smarter food choices along with the proscribed treatment to reduce.. ME!

As timing would have it, I got married 30 lbs less than I had ever imagined was possible and felt and looked 20 years younger. My friends and coworkers were in total shock of my now flat belly and frankly it is like I stepped into a time machine called weightlossnyc.com!

Thank you Dr Aron and staff, you guys gave me my life back

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NY Methodist Hospital
NY Methodist Hospital 506 Sixth Street,Brooklyn NY 11215
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Office 7032 4th Avenue NY 11209
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(718) 4915525
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