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Sherry Pittman TAYLOR MD
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Sherry Pittman TAYLOR MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Georgia Atlanta

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(City : Atlanta)
(ZIP : 30342)
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Sherry Pittman TAYLOR MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for Sherry Pittman TAYLOR MD
Johnna B (Patient) 01-07-2008
Dr. Taylor told me in January of 1999 that I was expecting twins. Although twins run in my family it definately surprised us. Thru my high risk pregnancy she was a comfort and the most incredible doctor. She delivered my twins in August. They were 7 hours apart and she stayed with me until my second decided he was ready to enter the world. She could have very easily scrubbed in for a C-section and went home but instead gave me time try again and again to deliver my Drew nanturaly. About 3 years later I had a miscarrage. She was a huge comfort and took my next pregnancy very seriously. Two months later I was pregnant again and she watched me carefully until she delivered my 11 lb.9 oz. baby boy the same way she delivered my twins. I HIGHLY recommend her and the other doctors that practices with her. She isvery compassionate and an amazing experienced physician. In our eyes no other doctor could hold a candle next to her. She definately stands out above all the rest!!!!

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KGagnon (Patient) 01-03-2008
Dr Taylor (and practice) have seen me through 3 high risk pregnancies. They were always kind and comforting, and very informative. She was recommended to me by a former colleague and I have never been let down.

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Allison (Patient) 12-03-2007
Dr. Taylor was recommended to me by a girl in my Bible study group several years ago. Since then, I have referred her to several of my friends and they all love her as much as I do and tell me how thankful they are that I sent them to her. She is very kind and caring and will sit patiently with you to answer your questions and do her best to make the process as uncomfortable as possible. One time, she was busy with an emergency c-section and I was left waiting for a while. When she saw me, I mentioned that my stomach was growling while I was sitting there waiting for her. She then had her nurse bring me some cookies from her personal stash! She is a wonderful doctor - the best I've ever been to - and I can't recommend her enough.

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Heather (Patient) 09-26-2007
Dr Taylor has been my doctor for 8 years now. She saw me through two pregnancies and delivered my oldest daughter. She is very patient and caring. She lets you know your concerns are important to her and takes time to answer all of your questions during each and every visit. She is an amazing doctor and I highly recommend her!

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Carolyn (Patient) 09-18-2007
Has been my Doctor for 7 years now. She is a wonderful, Christian Doctor that cares about her patients! She is always cheerful, comforting, friendly, trustworthy, experienced, and diligent! In todays worls of Dr's that rush you through, she never makes you feel like your just another number.

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Office 5780 Peachtree Dunwdy Ste 295 Atlanta 30342
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Office Phone # :
(404) 2553633
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(404) 2557599

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Eastern Va Med Sch Of The Med Coll Of Hampton Roads, Norfolk Va 23501
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(28 years of experience)

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