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D.B. (Patient) 01-03-2013
Dr. Feuer and his staff are very knowledgable and truly care about their patients. They walked me through the entire process end to end and answered all of my questions. Made sure that I was comfortable before and after the surgery. The surgery was a success (cancer free) and after 8 weeks I'm feeling great and back to my normal routine. Truly appreciated the doctor/staff's hand holding and the care that was given before and after surgery. Aimee handled my pre/op and was very professional and responsive to my questions. She and Dr. Feuer set the proper expectations for the surgery. A+ in my book. Thank you!

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Jane S (Patient) 11-10-2009
I had surgery with him in October '09 and am still undergoing treatment. It is now November '09 so I am still a new patient but I have to say I am very impressed with this doctor and his staff. My cancer was in the early stages so my follow-up will be simple, still it will be a 5 year process. I am very grateful to my GYN, Dr. Windom, for sending me to this practice for my cancer treatment and surgery. They are the best!

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Sherry W (Patient) 08-08-2008
Dr. Espy, OB/GYN in Marietta, GA (another wonderful doctor) found ovarian tumors during a regular check-up and called Dr. Gerald Feuer (note correct spelling) within the hour. He saw me immediately. He operated and found I had Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer (there are 4 stages). I had 18 months of Chemo (6 +12) and am cancer free today. That was 3 years ago. Dr. Feuer is a very caring, empathetic, brilliant MD and person. He worries about his patients, knows who you are, and handles your case like you were his sister. He's quite knowledgeable and confident and works with a team of other MD professionals. The staff is outstanding and take your health seriously. I wouldn't go to anyone else. I am still under his care, and always will be, as he follows us for many years. I would recommend him to everyone with Ovarian Cancer.

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Stephanie Simpson (Patient) 01-23-2007
Dr Feuer performed my surgery two years ago and I am still his patient. He is a very thorough surgeon, yet kind and considerate with his patients, very easy to talk to. I have been told by many people including other physicians that Dr Feuer is one of the best in his field.

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Barbara Woelper (Patient) 01-13-2007
This doctor was suggested to me by the doctor who discovered that I had cancer of the uterus. She assisted Dr. Feurer during my surgery and she stated that he completed the operation in half the time it would have taken her. He only operates on patients with cancer and he is considered the best in his field. Although he is a bit shy he is a wonderful man.

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