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Judith PALEY
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Annette B (Patient) 03-24-2011
Highly recommended! She's a terrific doctor and she's very smart. I've been with her half my life and I am 42 years old. I can only wish that she will still be my doctor when I'm 80:) Thanks Judith!
Annette Brown

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Sherry T (Patient) 08-05-2010
I am a patient of Dr. Paley's and she is awesome. She is very knowledgeable, excellent bedside manners, understanding, and attentive to the needs of her patients.

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cynthia B (Patient) 06-16-2009
I have been going to Dr. Paley for a number of years and with a number of ailments. I have referred my daughters and others to her. She and her partner and the staff have a wealth of expertise and experience that allows them to work smoothly as a team in all aspects of care. Dr. Paley is thoughtful, analytical, and thorough in her manner. She has a caring manner and never becomes impatient with detailed questions or return visits. In short, she has the persistence and depth of knowledge that is required to help a patient make their way through what has become a maze of options. In a world where large practices and impersonal health care is the standard, I am definitely sticking with Dr. Paley and their practice..

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Karla B (Patient) 02-09-2009
Judy Paley is the Best!!! She totally "gets me" - my body, my age, and my mind!! She relates to my concerns and questions and I have never felt rushed in her presence. She comes across as very "human" and that "we're in this together." I have never had any serious issues and only see her on a yearly basis for my female check up, but I would totally rely on her advice and counseling should I have a serious problem. She exhibits that she has done her "research" and knows what she is talking about, and I have no doubt that if she isn't sure, she'll research til she finds answers.

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Catherine S (Patient) 11-14-2007
I have been seeing Dr. Paley for many years (10+) and she is by far the best internist. She is patient, caring, and extremely knowledgeable of women's health issues. She has a busy practice with her partner, Adele Sykes, yet appointments are not rushed and she takes the time necessary to deal with your concerns. Her newsletter (e-mailed, no charge) provides information on current medical issues, and her writing style is entertaining and interesting (great sense of humor!).

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Tammy (Patient) 10-15-2007
Dr Paley works with Dr Sykes at Capitol Hill Internal Medicine.

These are both fabulous doctors with excellent diagnostic skills as well as bed side manner, and sense of humor.

I highly recommend Dr. Paley. She listens, asks important questions and has the experience to make an accurate diagnosis. Better yet, she relates to what you are going through either by her own experience or in that she's treated enough patients to know what you can expect.

I hope I never have to search for a primary care physician again! I love these two docs!

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