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Marianne BEARD DO
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Marianne BEARD DO
General Practice - Texas Arlington

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(City : Arlington)
(ZIP : 76015)
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General Practice

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Robert G (Patient) 01-15-2010
Dr. Beard is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met during my nearly 60 years!

She is astute, creative, rational, technical, humorous, knowledgeable, spiritual, and utterly passionate and present and charming. Passionate, especially, about the value of each and every person, and thus of all people, regardless of race or creed or status. I have been delighted and enchanted with her for what must now be 25 years since she first began practicing medicine in Grand Prairie, later moving her practice to Arlington! Dr Beardís medical knowledge seems endless and she is constantly enhancing her skills and capabilities and understanding.

A decade ago she diagnosed me with diabetes. Her care, double-entendre intended, has been vital in getting me through this long ordeal. She has been creative, always good-natured, but completely honest and divulgentóis that a word?óin dealing with me and the frailties I have sometimes displayed in staying faithful to her suggested regimen. She has always been able to suggest multiple options in addressing my medical problems, and has explained in detail the benefits and potential consequences of each possibility. She examines my test results, and knows when they mean something important. And when they donít. She knows the ropes. I regard the time Iíve spent in conversation with her over the years as a gift. She is patient and kind. I am indebted to her.

I recommend her with the utmost conviction.

She is my trusted physician.

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Saadia (Patient) 11-13-2007
I was guided to this doctor when she began her practice in the mid-80's and I have stuck with her for about 20 years. She was the family doctor for my son until he went away to college and for my daughter from her birth on.
Dr, Beard has a ethic of providing the best service through listening to her patient and developing a complete picture of the person. For any health problem requiring medications, she usually starts the least harmful dosage possible and adjusts it over time. She is brilliant, has taught at a local medical school, and is very conscious of what techniques are available.
She made the conscious decision over 12 yrs ago not to participate in any health insurance program so she can retain control of her ethical freedom and be the best advocate for her patients, at no small financial risk to herself.
In the waiting room, I have frequently met patients who have told me how brilliant she has been diagnosing an obscure problem on the spot or patients who have stayed with her for the last 20 years, like myself.
She is both a Family Medicine doctor and a Geriatrics specialist.

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Office 2621 Matlock Rd Ste 101 Arlington 76015
Map and Directions
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Office Phone # :
(817) 7955525
Fax # :
(817) 7954350

Personal Information
Medical School
Univ Of N Tx Hlth Sci Ctr, Tx Coll Osteo Med, Ft Worth Tx 76107
Graduation Year
(35 years of experience)

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