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Arnold Patrick ADVINCULA MD
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Arnold Patrick ADVINCULA MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Michigan Ann Arbor

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(City : Ann Arbor)
(ZIP : 48109)
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Arnold Patrick ADVINCULA MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for Arnold Patrick ADVINCULA MD
Deepa (Patient) 01-16-2018
Dr. Advincula is the best in his specialty-I had numerous fibroids removed in 2015 a myomectomy which allowed me to go on and get pregnant with twins safely. Just recently I had a robotic surgery to remove my uterus and tubes with zero issues. He is a very kind , caring doctor and listens to all issues you have. Has a wonderful personality and answers all questions. A very compassionate doctor with excellent bedside manners. He really does take care of his patients!!!!

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Leslie R (Patient) 04-02-2009
I suffered from severe endometriosis for over 20 years. Dr. Advincula was my surgeon for a hysterectomy (technically, total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophrectomy - TAH/BSO). He is the best! Not only is he a talented surgeon, he is a caring, compassionate, and patient doctor. Without Dr. Advincula and his colleagues who performed a particularly difficult surgery on me (5.5 hours), I am convinced I would have lost use not just of my bladder, but my colon as well. It was touch and go for awhile even for his team. I recommend Dr. Advincula and the staff at the University of Michigan Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Clinics without reservation.

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Peggy (Patient) 05-23-2008
Dr. Advincula performed a Davinci aided myomectomy on me in April 2008. I had two very large fibroids (softball size and baseball size I was told) causing my uterus to be the size of a three-four month pregnancy. I would highly recommend Dr. Advincula and his fellows, nursing and administrative staff (Dr. Kim was awesome too). Everyone treated me with respect and compassion. All my questions were answered. Prior to this surgery the most I have experience was oral surgery for my wisdom teeth, yet I was so at ease with the group of professionals. I was referred to Dr. Advincula by my fertility specialist, and had no idea that I was being seen by a team with the most experience in this speciality in the world. Often times people who are considered the expert in their field have a attitude about them. I did not experience this with any of my visits. Top notch everything!!

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Susan (Patient) 01-16-2007
Dr Advincula helped me with some gyn. pain issues. He is the first Dr who did help with this. He is willing to try other things if the first suggestion didn't work. He is highly professional and his working at U of M makes this all that much better since students there do a great job reviewing cases, and that helps the Dr see the total picture.
I would recommend him highly. It can be difficult to have questions answered without playing a lot of 'phone tag' but his expertise is worth that hassle. Also a word of advice.. he is a well known and busy physician, so make your appointment in the morning to avoid waiting.

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Dana (Patient) 01-13-2007
Dr. Advincula is the BEST OB/GYN in the business! I went to 5 doctors before seeing Dr. Advincula and I got the run-around from each of the other doctors.
Dr. Advincula treated me with respect, compassion, and true concern. He did three surgeries on me. He cured me of years of pain (endometriosis). I trust this doctor and have sent other family members to see him. He treated my niece (who was told that she would never have children because of fibroids) and she was able to get pregnant and have a healthy son.
Dr. Advincula is the BEST!

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