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Sareena Shereen FAZILI MD
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Sareena Shereen FAZILI MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - New York Rochester

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New York

(City : Rochester)
(ZIP : 14612)
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Sareena Shereen FAZILI MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Sherri (Patient) 03-14-2009
I have been to MANY gyn's trying to find out why I was having so many problems with my menses. Not one of them would do any testing on me even after telling them my family history with my mom and my aunt having fibroid tumors inside their uterus'. I got so sick of having dr's that wouldn't listen to me and only put me on birth control pills over and over again. I got so frustrated that I stopped going to a gyn and dealt with the pain and constant bleeding.

A few years ago I noticed that a gyn office had moved into my PP's building but I still refused to see one. After 3-4 years more of my problem getting worse I finally called and got an appointment with Dr. Fazili.

Let me tell you, I was highly impressed! She asked the correct questions and gave me time to explain what I was going thru and explain my family history with menses problems and then asked more questions to verify things.

And she wanted to do testing just on what I told her unlike all the other gyn's. And my thought was correct; it was the fibroid tumors. She said I was loaded with them and probably have had them for a good many years.

I never felt more important to a doctor before. She treated me as a person not just a patient! She made me feel comfortable explaining everything about my condition, possible treatments(the precedures and the good and bad about each), what she would suggest I try-a hysterectomy; then gave me time to decide.

She was my surgereon for the hysterectomy that I opted for.

She has the best "bedside mannerr" I have seen in many years!! When in my hospital room, explaining to me and my husband things I had to do and watch for, she was so personable, and we even had a laugh or two with her.

She is a wonderful doctor and a wonderful person. And she brings her personality into her work which to me and my husband was such a comfort. Unlike some of the other doctor's(any speciality) I have dealt with she is not robotic and aloof to her patients.

I will continue to have Dr. Fazili as my gyn and will recommend her when anyone asks me.

I Thank You Dr. Fazili for all you have done for me and will over the years!

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Pati (Patient) 11-20-2007
Dr. Fazili is an amazing young woman who is a true credit to her profession. Her manner is professional yet very warm and caring. She's friendly, knowledgeable and extremely respectful. When it was time for my daughter to have her first GYN visit, I had absolutely NO concern for her wellbeing (I was, of course, welcomed to attend the examination with my daughter). I certainly continue as a patient but I couldn't be happier knowing that my daughter's care continues to be the best possible via the office of Dr. Sereena Fazili.

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Office 500 Island Cottage Rd Rochester 14612
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(585) 3686040

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Suny-Hlth Sci Ctr At Brooklyn, Coll Of Med, Brooklyn Ny 11203
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(22 years of experience)

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