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Jonathan Thomas ZAIDAN MD
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Jonathan Thomas ZAIDAN MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Michigan Lake Orion

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(City : Lake Orion)
(ZIP : 48360)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Julie (Patient) 08-26-2018
Iíve been seeing Dr Zaiden since my pregnancy with my almost 20 year old daughter. He has always been phenomenal. He is the smartest and most empathetic doctor I have ever known. He remembers little details that I mentioned years ago. He delivered my youngest, diagnosed my endo, performed laparoscopic bladder lift, endometrial ablation, he treats my thyroid and hormonal distinctions and next month will perform my laparoscopic hysterectomy in which I will only receive ONE belly button incision. I am in excellent hands and you will be too if you visit one of his offices in Clarkston, Lake Orion, Bloomfield Township, or Royal Oak. Heís so good I even send my daughter there.

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Carrie (Patient) 07-10-2009
I have been going to Dr. Zaidan for many many years. My friend had referred me to him many years ago because I was having a lot of female problems and could not get pregnant. Upon first meeting him, he was very professional and I felt very comfortable meeting him. He listened to my concerns, offered suggestions and then did a full work up on me, including blood work and U/S.
He told me my results and told me what he thought was wrong with me (endometriosis) and gave me some options.
With in a couple months he did surgery on me to confirm the endo and then started me on clomid to get preg.
I got preg. 5 mos. later, thanks to him. No other doctor listened to me like he did, they blew me off like I was wasting their time.
He delivered my daughter 9 mos. later.
Now fast forward to present time, my husband and I has been trying for another baby again and I was having such a hard time getting preg. Most doctors would have said see a specialist and send me on my way.
But Dr. Zaidan worked with me on and off for 3 years and I just found out the other day I'm pregnant again.
He will also be the Dr. to deliver baby #2

I can't find anything bad to say about this Dr. If I honestly had to it would be the long wait times in his office, but that is because he takes his time with the patients and does not rush them. He has great bed side manners.
I'm a patient for life, and so will my daughters.
Even my mom goes there.

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Susie S (Patient) 01-10-2009
I have been a patient of Dr. Zaidan for 10 years now, which is hard to believe. I originally saw him because I had very painful periods and was really only functioning one week a month. He listened to my concerns, ran tests, explained my diagnosis (intra-uterine fybroid tumor) and let me make decisions about what I wanted done. His staff was always helpful and willing to take time to listen to my questions and concerns. The fact that I can now have blood drawn and ultrasounds done on his premises is really convenient. By the way, it was also the first time I had a pelvic exam when it didn't hurt!

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Becky (Patient) 11-07-2008
I VERY HIGHLY recommend Dr. Zaidan! He has been my OB/GYN for many years now, and I wouldn't have it any other way! He has delivered both of my two children, Dr Zaidan and his staff were always very supportive. I had a very difficult first pregnancy. He encouraged me, calmed me, and made me feel very safe and hopeful. Later when my fiance (at the time!) and myself discovered we were expecting again there was no doubt that he was the man for the job! After two BEAUTIFUL healthy baby girls, we discovered that I had endometriosis. It was very painfull for me for some time, but after treatment from Dr Zaidan, all is well. My husband (finally!) and I are now trying for baby # three and once again we know just where we will be going! I travel over an hour each way to see him, and it is worth it! He never makes you feel rushed out of the office. He always answers any crazy questions you might have, and trust me I've thrown him a few! I am a patient for life and my children will be too! The entire staff is wonderful, and all take after Dr. Zaidan's way of practice! The only way he could improve his practice, would be to move next door to me and save me the gas mileage!

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Debbi (Patient) 01-03-2008
Dr. Zaidan is a fantastic doctor and as a former ER nurse I recommended him to not only new patients to the area, but family and friends as well. Dr. Zaidan is a true professional. Even though he runs a very busy practice he takes the time to answer questions, and explain procedures. I have seen him interact with many different types of patients and have found him to always be a caring and compassionate individual. At the hospital I used to work at, the vast majority of the nurses were patients of Dr. Zaidan. If you truly want to know who the great doctors are, ask a nurse we'll tell you the truth.

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Johnnie T (Patient) 12-11-2007
I was recommended to this doctor by a friend, I have been friends with this woman throughout her treatment with Dr. Zaidan and she always raved about how nice everyone in the office was and how the doctor was always straightforward with her. When my own doctor cut his hours and moved, I could no longer see him. I went to Dr. Zaidan for my annual exam and both the staff and the doctor were very helpful and up front about what was needed, why and what to expect. I found out after I went to see him that I have a few more friends who see him, all of whom think the whole office is wonderful! The fact that they can do the ultrasounds and the urodynamics in the office is also a bonus, you don't have to schedule them separate somewhere else and the doctor gets the results immediately.

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Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
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Office 1428 South Lapeer Road MI 48360
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