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virginia c (Friend) 07-01-2010
Dr. Lasalle is personable and you can have a one on one conversation with her. She truly cares for the health and well being of her patients.

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Peg P (Patient) 12-14-2007
Dr. LaSalle is a family practioner who specializes in Endocrinology and the balancing of a person's total hormone levels.
She is a wonderful listener which is in mho is the number 1 quality of any physician...no matter the specialty. She is also a "good" person whom I would be proud to have as a friend in my personal life if I were to be so honored.
I am 24 years past a total hysterectomy and I came to Dr. LaSalle with a low quality of life concerning my health and well-being.
After a very thorough appointment with many lab tests three months ago I have practically turned my life around with her prescriptions of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and her attention to the details of my varied illnesses. She does not prescribe anything that she doesn't think is absolutely required.
At 55 years old I felt 75 most days and now feel my age if not better.
The only item that could be better would be if she could be my primary practitioner and I would change over in a heartbeat.
My sincere THANKS and my family's go to this wonderful doctor and my highest recommendation to anyone searching for a doctor in this field.

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