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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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RBL (Patient) 12-24-2011
After 2 miscarriages, I switched to Dr. D my past OBGYN had not returned my after hour call when I miscarried. Dr. D got me into the office the day I called after explaining that I thought I had miscarried, and unable to get a hold of my Dr.
3 months later I became pregnant again. He put me on clomid and monitored me closely. Unfortunately, I miscarried again. He returned my call and told me to go to the ER. He performed a DNC to find out if there were any problems with the baby. When results came in he called me AFTER hours to give me the results!!
Finally After these miscarriages, I became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. He was wonderful!! He did not drop the table and have me hanging off to deliver the baby. I did NOT tear with my 8 pound son like I did with my 6 pound daughter!! I had some complications, but he was there the whole time checking in. He even signed me out of the hospital early so I could go to Dayton Children's with my son!!!!

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Rhonda (Patient) 11-16-2010
The first time I went to Dr. Drollinger for an annual exam and pap, I knew that he would be my doctor from now on - his wonderful bedside manner put me at so ease that I didn't even know he had started the exam until he said "You're done, everything's fine"! On Nov. 4, 2010, Dr. D performed a da Vinci suprasurgical hysterectomy on me and it was a piece of cake. The worst part of the whole procedure was the bloating afterwards. I never had any "pain", just discomfort. I was given Vicadin while I was in the hospital (from the time the procedure ended around 11 AM until 8 AM the next day) which did nothing. I was given a script for Percocet when I was released, but I only took 3 of them, mostly just to sleep - and could easily have survived without them. According to all of my nurses, Dr. D is the reason for my lack of pain - they said that other women having the same procedure done by other doctors were in the hospital longer and were in a lot more pain while there. I don't know what Dr. D does differently, but I feel very blessed to have found him!

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Chickie937 (Patient) 10-03-2010
I had a horrible fear of childbirth and was totally convinced that I would die in the process. Dr. D became involved before I was pregnant and gave me a great pep talk, even sharing personal stories with me and showed off pictures of his grandkids. He made me feel at ease and as much in control as possible. He reassured me he would keep me and baby safe. Not only did I survive delivery, but it was very easy and when I had to make choices about inductions he totally talked me off the cliff. Now I have the most beautiful baby girl thanks to him and I would have totally missed the joy of my life if he had not helped me conquer this fear. I HIGHLY recommend. I hope to have another child in the future and wouldn't dream of sharing that with anyone other than Dr. D.

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Susan M (Patient) 06-09-2009
Dr. Drollinger has been my doctor for 9 yrs and has been a fabulous OB doctor along with a great GYN. I delivered my last baby with him, and it was one of the best experiences I had. The care and compassion I have received from his practice when I lost two other pregnancies was something I never expected from a doctor's office, and it made those losses a bit easier. I had a total LSH in 2005 done by Dr. Drollinger (Dr. Stephen England assisted), and it was a surgery that I easily recovered from - much easier than ever expected. Dr. Drollinger has gone the extra mile in trying to regulate my hormone replacement therapy, looking at all options possible. He's always available to answer whatever questions I have and has always worked very hard on my heatlh care needs. His staff is wonderful as well.

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Megan (Patient) 03-20-2009
I love Dr. Drollinger. My mother is a maternity nurse at Southview hospital and recommended him to me for my first pregnancy becuase she said he has some of the lowest rates for c-sections and inductions of all the doctors who go to Southview. Also the nurses like working with him. I agree that he has a laid back attitude toward the pregnancy, respecting that I did not want an epidural or pain meds, he seems very much the type to avoid unneccessary medical intervention. On the other hand though, he is equipped to do what needs to be done in the best interest of the baby and mom. My best friend had a rare pregnancy disorder and he recognized it and sent her to the hospital where they had to do an emergency c-section. My mom (a nurse) said that my friend or her baby could have died, but they both turned out well (baby was preemie at 30 weeks). I am in my second pregnancy and totally stress free knowing Dr. Drollinger is managing my pregnancy. I have full confidence that i will be given every opportunity to have the birthing experience that I desire, granted complications don't arise. I would definately recommend Dr. Drollinger!!

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Kathi (Patient) 10-17-2008
I started seeing Dr. Drollinger a month before my first child was born. I had been told by my other doctor at the time that HE controlled my birth and would be inducing. Dr. Drollinger took me at the last minute and assured me he was only interested in doing what was necessary for the baby and me.

What a wonderful guy! He delivered all 3 of my boys and I had each one naturally. Dr. Drollinger even climbed in the hot tub with my last and tried to convince me to deliver in the water. Bless his heart, I was afraid I would drown (but I'd do it now if I had it to do over again). He was a breath of fresh air and made me feel in control of my own experience. He even reviewed my birth plan ahead of time so I would know he respected it.

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Debbie W. (Patient) 12-21-2007
I went to Dr. Drollinger as a new patient (I had been going to my family doctor for gyn related things) and he examined me took the time to get some test results and then we sat down in his office and talked about what my history was and what should happen next. He never seemed in any hurry to speed me along as most doctors do and you could see that he was listening to everything I had to say. He cared about what my ideas and opinions were. By the time I left his office I had scheduled a Da Vinci Hysterectomy and felt very good about it. The day before surgery I went back and we sat down and he answered any questions I had and wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable with things. He came and talked to me and my husband before surgery as did all the staff and made sure we were ready. I talked to lots of people and found several that go to him and had nothing but good things to say about him. I highly recommend Dr. Drollinger. I don't think you will be sorry.

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