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Michael Craig SCOTT MD
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Michael Craig SCOTT MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Georgia Atlanta

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(City : Atlanta)
(ZIP : 30342)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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allison s. (Patient) 07-11-2015
Dr. Scott has been my Dr. for 14+ years.

When I first met him, I'd gone to doctors for abdominal pain and hematuria for two years and been treated like an idiot - no one had an answer for me, nor did they even have a suggestion.
Out of desperation, not knowing what was wrong, but knowing something was, I finally went to a urologist who recommended Dr. Scott.

Turned out I had a (benign) ovarian tumor and endometriosis.

Dr. Scott has always treated me with respect and kindness. His staff is fantastic. I can't praise him/them enough.

I've had three surgeries with him, the one above, one to remove adhesions, and my last, 2015, for a lap/vaginal total hysterectomy with ovary removal - which turned out to be a wonderful surgical experience - as far as surgical procedures can be wonderful.
Right before surgery, he patted my hand and said, "I'll take good care of you..." and I truly felt he'd do his best, no matter what the challenge.

I couldn't be happier with my results. My healing time was unbelievably fast - and I have an autoimmune disease.
That truly speaks to his skill as a surgeon.

No one wants to have surgery, but if you have to have it, you should be able to trust and respect your doctor - and know you're in good hands.
Dr. Scott and his staff inspire that type of trust.

I highly recommend Dr. Scott.

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BobbySue (Patient) 12-23-2007
If it were not for Dr. Mike, I would not be here to day. Iíve been his patient for 11 years; heís seen me through several bouts with fibroids. His manner is casual and easy going. Friendly to a fault yet you know he is one you can trust completely. His staff is always professional. He takes the time to answer any and all questions asked, and itís not unusual to receive a follow up call from him personally just to make sure you are doing okay. He takes into account your stage in life, and general health, yet sides with caution. Dr. Mike does not push you to make any decisions you are not comfortable making. You donít normally think of fibroids as a life and death situation, but I can honestly say I have put my life in his hands, and have never regretted it once. I highly recommend him.

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Office 980 Johnson Ferry Rd NE Ste 220 Atlanta 30342
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Office Phone # :
(404) 2558022
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(404) 2557248

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Med Coll Of Ga Sch Of Med, Augusta Ga 30912
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(33 years of experience)

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