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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Kansas Leawood

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(City : Leawood)
(ZIP : 66206)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Della (Patient) 01-09-2008
I highly recommend Dr. Carrie Grounds because she's empathetic, social, respectful and kind as well as a great surgeon. She takes the time to listen to her patients to find out what is needed and approaches head on and willing to change course when things aren't working out.

Dr. Grounds stands out from other Dr's that I've seen in simply being in a class above other Dr's. She doesn't let her job run her, she is her job. She gets 100% involved. She listens to what her patients are asking of her and then she works hard to find a solution. She believes in her work and seems to enjoy it. I must of seen her a dozen times over the last year and not once was I put out of place or felt awkward.

Her personality: Social, Friendly, Bright, Cheery, Determined, Interested, Caring, Experienced, Professional and Passionate about her job and patients.

* What kind of service did you receive? How and for what did she treat you? I received gynecological care for miserable cycles that included heavy bleeding and lots of cramping. We first did a D and C as well as an endometrial ablation. Unfortunately my body had other plans and we had to be more aggressive, the most recent surgery being a hysterectomy. I'm only a week out from surgery but my care was Ace and I'm already feeling better. My lower back no longer hurts and my hips don't feel like they are splitting. I've already noticed the huge difference. I can't wait for the surgery pain to go away and I can move on and have a normal life without debilitating cycles holding me back. With both surgeries Dr. Grounds was great! She communicated with my husband and kept him informed, she visited with me, asked me what my concerns were or if there was anything she could do to ease my mind. In office she listened to my questions and never danced around a question or acted bored or uninterested or answered in a robotic way like she's answered the question 100 times before to other patients. She was always respectful and kind which is important in her field of study.

I definitely recommend her to others.

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Univ Of Mo, Columbia Sch Of Med, Columbia Mo 65212
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(23 years of experience)

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