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Patricia Elaine LODES MD
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Patricia Elaine LODES MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Oklahoma Tulsa

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(City : Tulsa)
(ZIP : 74104)
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Patricia Elaine LODES MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Angie (Patient) 04-29-2008
Dr. Lodes has saved my life twice. I personally think she is an awesome physician and has genuine concern regarding your issues. Dr. Lodes did my hysterectomy, which I did not want and the last thing I remember before going under anesthesia is Dr. Lodes wiping the tears on my cheek telling me it would be okay...Now that is a good physician!

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jackie (Patient) 06-24-2007
Dr. Lodes is a great doctor, taking care of myself and my mother for the past 14 years. I would recommend her to anyone looking for great female Dr. I delivered 4 babies with Dr. Lodes and if I could do it again, she would be there by my side. Great person, great ethics.

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Melissa (Patient) 03-18-2007
Dr. Lodes has been my gynecologist for over two years now. She does not treat you like a number, and is very thorough in looking over your past records and recommending appropriate tests. The first time I saw Dr. Lodes she spent an hour with me going over the considerable records I had transferred when I moved to Tulsa from Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Lodes gives you many reasons why she recommends a particular course of action. My situation is such that I need to have a hysterectomy later this summer, and I can't imagine any other doctor doing it. Dr. Lodes has excellent bedside manner and seems to genuinely enjoy helping people.

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Joyce B. (Patient) 01-13-2007
I would recommend Dr Lodes to anyone that wants a Dr that really thinks of you as a person and not another number. When I started having menstrual difficulities, she ran tests and started me on medicine, kept check on me until we could find the best solution for my problems, which turned out to be a hysterectomy. Dr Lodes (not her nurse) has always returned my calls in a very timely manner.

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Office 1919 S Wheeling Ave Ste 300 Tulsa 74104
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Office Phone # :
(918) 7487570
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(918) 7487573
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Univ Of Ok Coll Of Med, Oklahoma City Ok 73190
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(36 years of experience)

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