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McKenzie (Patient) 02-26-2010
I not only had the pleasure of working for Dr. Maple for quite some time, but I was also her patient. She is the most caring and genuine person not only as a Dr., but as a person in general. You will never get a better Dr. I was a high risk patient, probably her biggest problem patient, and she did everything but come home with me to take care of me. I have since moved from Hannibal, and I will never have a better Dr. than her, and anyone would be overly pleased if they chose her for their care.

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Mary B (Patient) 08-30-2009
All throughout my pregnancy, she took really good care of me and was always willing to offer a helping hand! Even her staff were very professional and friendly! Out of the the doctors I have ever been to in life; Dr. Laura Maple in Hannibal, MO is by far the best one!

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Cheryl M (Patient) 02-19-2008
I moved to a new area and had to find a new doctor for the first time in 20+ years and immediately felt comfortable. After having had a doctor of many years just ignore everything I had to say about what I was feeling or thinking, I didn't quite know how to handle a doctor that sincerely seems to care! She then shortly after did my hysterectomy and was wonderful - came into the hospital to talk to me on a Sunday evening! Now that's above and beyond!!!!

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