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Karen (Patient) 02-06-2007
Dr. VonGruenigen is thorough, professional, and compassionate. I left my first gyn-onc (who works at another hospital) because he was always too "hurried" to answer questions and had a cold manner about him. Dr. V. is his exact opposite. I had stage I ovarian cancer, and I needed someone who would give me the BEST care, both physically and emotionally. She always cares for the whole person, and that's what I appreciate the most about her. My husband was transferred to Dayton a couple years ago, and I still make the twice yearly trip back to Cleveland just to see Dr. V. When one finds the best, distance is no obstacle. I recommend her with enthusiasm.

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Carol Ryan (Patient) 02-01-2007
I traveled over 65 miles to Cleveland from Youngstown, Ohio, to visit Dr. vonGruenigen at the request of my local ob/gyn upon my diagnosis of Uterine Cancer in 2004. From the moment I met Dr. vonGruenigen I knew I had made the right decision to see her. She is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable (she also teaches at Case Western Reserve University) and made me feel extremely comforted even with a cancer diagnosis. I recently completed a Lance Armstrong research project for which she was the chief investigator. She has never sugar-coated anything but always leaves me with a positive outlook. I always know she is telling me the truth. Recently I had a questionable mammogram and within a few hours of her office receiving the fax from the local radiologist, I had a phone call from her nurse suggesting the correct course of action to take (it appears to be a kinked blood vessel). She always has time to discuss any questions I have and I truly feel we are "partners" in my medical care. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very personable. She waves when she sees me in the hall when I'm there for a follow-up visit. As many doctors as I've had who don't even seem to remember your name, she always makes you feel like you're a neighbor or friend. She gives you exactly the same medical care she would for her sister--of that I'm sure. I'm truly blessed to have had her as my gyn/onc!

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Who Me? (Patient) 01-14-2007
Dr. von Gruenigen was able to diagnose my conditions when another gyn totally overlooked them. She is an expert in her field!

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