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Facial Plastic Surgery

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Freda (Patient) 12-30-2010
Dr. Clevens is a kind and gentle doctor who demonstrates compassion and caring to his patients. This is a rare set of attributes in such an incredibly gifted surgeon.

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Beautiful Nose (Patient) 08-05-2009
I highly recommend this doctor based on my positive experience with him. My sister and I both went to see him for rhinoplasty and we both had very natural-looking results. He transformed my nose from awful to beautiful, and my recovery was quick and painless. Had I known that I would have this kind of result, I would have gone to him much sooner for my surgery. He is the only person I would trust to do any other plastic surgery on my face. I had amazing results and the surgery gave me so much confidence.

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Eveline (Patient) 05-13-2009
All of the doctor's wives go to Dr. Clevens; he is known as the doctor's doctor. He is an artist and a perfectionist. Dr. Clevens often fixes other doctor's mistake. I had a facelift and eyelid lift by another doctor in Melbourne/Orlando who said he was a plastic surgeon, but it turns out he was only an eye doctor. I was left scarred and looking worse than before my surgery. I saw several other doctors from Vero Beach to Melbourne, Orlando and Jacksonville. They said they couldn't help. Dr. Clevens took on my case and re-did all the work the other doctor did. I now look fantastic and I am so so happy! Please don't make the same mistake I made, go to Dr. Clevens FIRST for your facial cosmetic surgery.

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Rhonda (Patient) 03-04-2009
I had a facelift with Dr. Ross Clevens and it is the best thing I have ever done. He is caring, compassionate and a true artist. His hands are gold. If you feel as if your skin is starting to sag around the jowls, the forehead and generally "all over," if you look tired and physically exhausted and you, in fact, are NOT then you should consider visiting Dr. Clevens. Perhaps you are feeling as if your skin is starting to become aged looking and are searching for a way to restore your appearance to its younger looking state. Then, a Face Lift with Dr. Clevens is one of the options that you can take.

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F Becker (Patient) 02-25-2009
I am a facial plastic surgeon who was interested in having only THE BEST operate upon my wife. I trusted my dear wife's care to DR ROSS CLEVENS in Melbourne Florida and he did a fantastic job. My wife and I are indebted to Dr. Clevens for the fabulous work that he does. His hands are blessed and he is a fine man. I recommend Dr. Clevens with the highest possible praise.

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Kpal (Patient) 02-02-2009
A well talented physician and surgeon of plastic surgery, Dr.Ross Clevens, provided me with flawless performance in the field of cosmetic surgery as he did my nose job and laser skin resurfacing. At the Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Clevens specializes in facial plastic and re-constructive surgery rather than in general plastic surgery. He is in Melbourne, Florida and now you can change your face as beautiful as your mind. So try it when you are in need. I did and it is the best thing I ever did.

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My eyes are beautifyl (Patient) 01-22-2009
My eyes are so beautiful thanks to Dr. Clevens. He is a skillful and meticulous surgeon. It may take time to warm up to him, but he is really very kind and compassionate. Regardless, Dr Ross Clevens is a skilled and comforting facial plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience and this is what really counts in selecting a surgeon.

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Phyllis (Patient) 01-06-2009
He changed my life! I am so indebted to Dr. Clevens. I was looking so tired, but felt young inside. Dr. Clevens performed my facelift, eyelids and laser surgery. He even took care of the droopy nose that seemed to develop as I got older. He did a fantastic job. His staff is wonderful and Dr. Clevens is such as kind and caring gentleman. I now look as young on the outside as I feel on the outside. I feel like a new woman. Thank you Dr. Clevens and your fabulous staff.

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Keri (Patient) 11-29-2008
Dr. Clevens is the best. I had a facelift with laser and eyelid surgery. I look so natural and youthful. Dr. Clevens masterfully turned back the hands of time. I look so much better, but not 'different.' He is professional and his staff is informative and supporting. I am very pleased and would recommend Dr. Ross Clevens to friends and family.

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Pat (Patient) 07-15-2008
I had a Rhinoplasty with Dr. Clevens a few months ago. I am so happy with the results! I can finally breathe out of my nose!!!!! But also the hump I used to have on the bridge of my nose is gone forever. My nose looks perfect. My only complaint is that I did not have the surgery sooner.I would recommend him to anyone.

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Mardy (Patient) 03-10-2008
I went to see Dr.Clevens because i was considering a facelift and only wanted to go to a board certified, fellowship trained FACIAL plastic surgeon in Florida. After much reasearch, I found Dr.Clevens. His website was very informative and the hundreds of before and after photos were proof of how skilled he is!! From the time i made my appointmet, Dr.Clevens staff was in touch with me and answered all of my questions. I really appreciated the personal service. I'm alomst 6 months out from my surgery. I look 15 years younger-with NO evidence of having anything done. I look natural and rested and am enjoying every minute of my new look! I cant thank Dr.Clevens and his staff enough. I recommend him to everyone now and i have 2 friends having surgery with him in the coming months. I can say enough good things about my experience with Dr.Clevens and his staff or my results. I'm thrilled!

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