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Robert Steven BRISBOIS MD
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Robert Steven BRISBOIS MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Washington Spokane

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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Katie Wagner (Patient) 08-08-2013
My daughter just turned 27 and is still well and happy, I am still eternally grateful to Dr. Brisbois, and always will be. Not an Aug. 5th goes by that I don't thank him.

Forever grateful... and missing working with him..

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Katie W (Patient) 03-12-2012
I have known and worked with Dr. Brisbois for 30 years, I am a CNM and he was my back up. He is also my personal OB-GYN, for many years. My first pregnancy was mandated to be cared by FP, by my HMO. I did see Dr. Brisbois for a consultation. The delivery was horrible, FP would not consult with OB. Next preg I developed complications of PTL at 26wks (25 years ago), without the care and intelligence of Dr. Brisbois, my daughter would not have survived. She now has her MBA and is working at Microsoft, she delivered at term. Baby #3 was also complicated by PTL, managed well by Dr. B. and delivered at term. She grad from UW in 2011 with Batchlors in Business. Both girls would probably never have gone to term without Dr. Brisbois, and now they are grown and well educated. Something I feared would never happen.

I have had several GYNE problems since the birth of my children, Dr. Brisbois has been my only doctor, and unless he retires, will always remain so.

Dr Brisbois is very well informed, and well educated, he keeps up with the latest technology and techniques. He was one of the first to do robotic surgery and actually worked for the company that manufactures them, traveling around the country teaching other physicians the uses of the robotic uses in gyn.

He is conservative, intelligent, compassionate, and has the utmost integrity, all wrapped up in a very soft spoken gentleman. Thanks Steve for all you have done for my family and myself.

I am now living in FL, but will fly back to Spokane if need be to see him. He can't retire until after I die!

Most sincerely, Katie

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DB (Patient) 10-21-2011
Dr. Brisbois is the best GYN doctor in the state of Washington. I would not see anyone else. I had a robotic hysterectomy and it was a breeze, up and about in 3 days! He did my ablation before that, and not one of those stupid NovaSure ablations where you might end up still bleeding a little bit every month (what's the point?). He did a "roller ball ablation" which I think might take actual training, whereas the NovaSure the doctor just lets the machine do the work. He is conservative but pragmatic and just does what needs to be done after listening to the patient; nothing more and nothing less. He even intervened when the hospital called me the night before my surgery to say that they had failed to get authorization and would have to cancel my surgery. He called me later that night and said not to worry, it would be taken care of, and it was. Great guy. Many thanks, Dr. Brisbois!

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Karen (Patient) 12-10-2010
I would recomend Dr Brisbois to any one with Medical Fertility Issues . He is Caring He listens to your Issues . In my case I was very fortunate to have him as my doctor . I have had Doctor Brisbois for the past 16 Years I dont Intend to change . He has deliverd 5 of my children and helped me through a very Difficult pregnancy .He is Amazing and understanding .I would recomend him to any Women with Fertility Issues . In My eyes he is the best .

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Nancy J (Patient) 11-21-2008
Dr. Brisbois is very knowledgeable in his field and keeps up to date on the best practices and technologies for his patients. He was the one that really spear-headed bringing the da Vinci robot to our main hospital here and is one of the only doctors in the area trained to use it. He still takes call on his patients at 60+ years when many of his partners I'm sure have retired and are golfing full-time. I appreciate his compassionate care and love of his job.

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OLIVE C (Patient) 10-08-2008
When I saw dactor Brisbois i dan't know what was wrong (but I hurt) I was sent to hem for emergency surgery. At that tme i found out that i had a20lb tumer.He was excellent in explaning what was wrong and what needed done, at no
time did he make ever make uncomfortable He real seme to care about hes patient.I can't say enough about D.R. Brisbois; He is a wonderful Doctor, I recommend hem overany D.R I'v know in the passed

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Twila (Patient) 07-31-2008
This may appear as "history" to most of you, but this doctor insured that my pregnancy and delivery was successful. 30 years ago diabetic pregnancies weren't as prevalent as they are today. During his residency in the Navy Dr. Brisbois attended and treated me during my complicated pregnancy in Oakland, California and extended his assignment through my delivery. My husband and I were young and far from home. Dr. Brisbois was our saving grace. He made me feel I was his only patient at the time of our daughter's birth. At 6 lbs, 12 oz she was the healthy outcome of wonderful pre-natal care. At age 30 she remains a wonderful tribute of sorts to the attentive care and attention of this doctor. Years later I ran into folks from Spokane who knew him and agreed that he is still a truly gifted physician. (Gosh, he may be retired by now! Oh well. I'm sure he's still a great guy!)

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brianna d (Patient) 03-12-2008
dr brisbois has been very helpful right from the beginning. he is even doing my surgery on a date that he normally doesn't work in order for my surgery to be within a reasonable timeframe. he is professional and extremely good at his job. he is experienced and very trustworthy. he is the only ob-gyn surgeon in spokane that performs the davinci robot hysterectomy.

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