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Mimi Ananya GHOSH MD
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Mimi Ananya GHOSH MD
Family Medicine - Ohio Columbus

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(City : Columbus)
(ZIP : 43235)
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Family Medicine

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Julia (Patient) 03-28-2012
Me and my husband have been going to her for years. Caring,compassionate, great experience. HIGHLY recommended.

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David M. (Patient) 03-28-2012
This is a great doctor with great people skills and high level knowledge base. Her patients are loyal and have followed her to every office. Huge practice, and always huge smile on her face. Efficient, nice, works at hiring good staff. She is available online for questions, does community service, and has been linked with Ohio State University Medical Center for years and comes highly recommended. Every specialist I go to raves about her at OSU. That makes me feel good, cause that's my doc!!

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Amie (Patient) 07-31-2011
Always easy to get in to see, always caring nice and state of the art medicine. She knows EVERYONE at Ohio State Medical Center so when I need a referral she can get me in FAST. Nothing but good things to say about her. Her staff have historically been great. She has always had a very respectful and family like relationship with her staff and it showed. But patients don't come to see the staff, they come to see her. It's just that simple

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Darlene (Patient) 07-29-2011
This is a very friendly and knowledgeable doctor that I have been seeing for 16 years. She was just a young physician when she started (and looks about the same) but she works everyday and has 2 kids at home and still does a great job. I have enjoyed watching her evolution. Always on top of the latest medications and treatments. Highly recommend

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Ann (Patient) 07-28-2011
Caring, compassionate and very friendly and outgoing. Great patient care, strong medical diagnostic skills. Staff have been outstanding. New office is clean and open. Very happy and trust my health care. She takes care of my diabetes lupus and fibromyalgia. Most doctors don't even want to hear about fibromyalgia. But she is the best. Very happy

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Josephine (Patient) 07-28-2011
Dr Ghosh is one of the finest physicians and human beings I have ever met. Her medical care is thorough and precise. I have been seeing her for over a decaide, every visit has been awesome. You know you are seeing a great doctor when every specialist and emergency room doctor you meet raves about your family doctor. I think she actually has a lot of doctors as patients, what does that tell you? So proud of her, I feel like I have watched her grow up

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Maria (Patient) 07-28-2011
I have been a patient since 1998 when she started with Ohio STate. She is kind, nice, thorough, patient and spend a lot of time with patients She has helped our family with diabetes, weight loss, adult ADHD, and obesity. She has a terrific new office staff that are professional and courteous. I lOVE the new office, it is very professional and warm. I would (and have) recommended her to everyone but she is sooo busy I doubt she is taking new patients. Her patients are a very loyal long standing group. It's almost like a family.

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Full-Time Hospital Staff
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1930 Crown Park Ct Ste 120 Franklin Columbus OH 43235
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(614) 4512244
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(614) 4510452
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Queens Univ, Fac Of Med, Kingston, Ont, Canada
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(27 years of experience)

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