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Caryl G (Patient) 03-10-2010
Dr. Stemple was my OB/GYN in 1987/88 for the birth of our son, and remained my gynecologist for several years after that.

He is a wonderful doctor, compassionate and caring, and we had complete trust and confidence in him throughout the 9 mos. of my high risk pregnancy. I was on bedrest for 4 mos, and Dr. Stemple answered my calls personally anytime I had a question.

He not only made us feel especially cared about, he took special care to greet our son each time he saw him, even years after his birth.

We really appreciated how important he made us feel.

His staff also was very caring and friendly.

We wish him many blessings in his Florida practice, and know that many, many Moms and Dads will be blessed by his tender care and compassionate heart.

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Happy Patient (Patient) 06-19-2008
I can say I do not know to much about him but from the one time that I saw him I knew that he was a very caring doctor that would cooperate and help me with any of my care of concerns. Sometimes I can be a basket case and this did not affect him at all. He made me feel very calm and that was so nice for a change.

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Elisabeth J (Patient) 05-05-2008
Dr. Stemple is not only a great doctor, but also a very caring person. He has been my doctor for a few years, and will be delivering my first child in a couple of months. As an expectant mom I have had a lot of fears, worries, and complaints. He has never once made me feel like I couldn't turn to him with all my questions and concerns. He explains everything so well. He is able to alleviate so many of my concerns and I completely trust him to bring my child into this world safe and sound. His staff is just as caring as he is. If you need someone who will really care about you and your concerns, this is the doctor for you.

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Margi V (Patient) 01-14-2007
Dr Stemple is one of the best OB/GYN doctors in South Florida. He is highly recommended by other doctors in the Broward County area. He explained all the options for me regarding fibroid tumors. I did elect to have surgery and once I was home recovering he personally answered phone calls I made to his office. It is hard to find a doctor that cares about his patients to personally return their calls.

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