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Richard Pierce RAND MD
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Richard Pierce RAND MD
Plastic Surgery - Washington Bellevue

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(City : Bellevue)
(ZIP : 98004)
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Richard Pierce RAND MD's Special Expertises :
Plastic Surgery

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Therese (Patient) 10-14-2010
I needed to find me again, my face & body didnt match the image in my mind;I didn't want what the media pushes as"natural".Dr.Rand spent time listening to what I wanted & answering all my question he gave me a real picture of what to expect.In the end I have more than I could have ever hoped.Refreshing to be cared for by an honest and caring individual.I hope others find there way to Dr. Rand.

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Emma (Patient) 02-11-2009
Dr. Rand has been a source of talent and kindness, I have had many health dealing outside of only cosmetic surgery that he has been very supportive and informative through in addition to his incredible results on my face. Look into him and his office you will not be disappointed!! He's more then a fantastic surgeon--he's a wonderful person!

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Roger (Patient) 01-26-2009
I recommend Dr.Rand because he is like no other doctor I have ever met. He is a board certified plastic surgeon that can do anything to restore youthful appearances from head to toe in an amazing way. He has helped both me and my wife. I recommend you go and meet him, I also recommend you pick a surgery date before you even go in...

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Bridgett (Patient) 01-21-2009
I carefully did my research and decided to visit with Dr. Rand. It was very informative and honest. I went ahead and had the abdominoplasty with Dr. Rand and I would sincerely refer anyone to this office. He was kind and gentle with me, understood my goals and expectations. I felt he was honest with what I could expect with the end result. I thought I was going to look good and ended up looking great! His expertise, knowledge and artistic ability gave me total trust in him. The whole office was very supportive and each person gave me outstanding care. I can't say enough, when you do your research you should end up at this office with this Doctor.

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Full-Time Hospital Staff
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1135 116th Ave NE Ste 630 King Bellevue WA 98004
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Hospital Phone # :
(206) 5435516
Fax # :
(206) 5438136

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Medical School
Univ Of Mi Med Sch, Ann Arbor Mi 48109
Graduation Year
(37 years of experience)

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