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Bruce Lindley CHURCHILL MD
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Bruce Lindley CHURCHILL MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Maine Portland

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(City : Portland)
(ZIP : 04102)
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Bruce Lindley CHURCHILL MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for Bruce Lindley CHURCHILL MD
elizabeth s (Patient) 08-05-2011
It has been a couple of years since Dr. Churchill was my ob/gyn. I went through 7 pregnancies with him, 3 successful. He is irreplaceable. I miss him taking care of me so much. There is no one out there as genuinely caring. I have three beautiful, healthy daughters thanks to his care. I could never possibly thank him for his tender care, and for the beautiful children he helped us add to our family. You are so loved Dr. Churchill. What a wonderful difference you have made in so many families.

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Yoon C (Patient) 04-11-2009
Dr. Churchill is professional, warm, genuine and knowledgeable. He always asks if there are any questions and he really means it. Although my experiences with Dr. Churchill are brief, I could instantly tell he is a great physician who cares for his patients and understands what his patients go through. I'm a second year medical student myself and look up to him as a role model. I highly recommend Dr. Churchill.

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Sharon (Patient) 01-06-2008
Dr. Churchill is a rarity in the world of cold, quick-fix, hurry-up and wait medical care. From the moment I first met him, Dr. Churchill was professional, warm, funny, and personable. His love for his work is evident in the knowledge and caring he brings to every patient. Although Dr. Churchill is a very busy physician, his ready smile makes me feel like I'm the only patient on his calendar during my appointment.

I strongly recommend him to women seeking professional obstetric and gynecological medical attention. Dr. Churchill cared for me during my pregnancy and aftercare. I was impressed with his knowledge of new procedures for sterilization and readily follow his advice.

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Sylvia (Patient) 01-15-2007
Dr. Bruce Churchill is an OB/GYN specializing in reproductive issues. Before I met him, I spent too many years suffering with cysts, endometriosis, fybroids and "questionable" cells. Dr. Churchill listened to me, provided sage counseling and advice and didn't dismiss me. He has a calming bedside manner and is genuinely concerned about the total health of his patients (conducts broad spectrum of tests, not just gyn. related). Dr. Churchill stays abreast of advances in his field and uses this knowledge to educate his patients. My situation was remedied by hysterectomy. After surgery, Dr. Churchill checked on me frequently in the hospital and called me at home during recuperation. My experience with other physicians has never been so positive. He's one of a kind-is a talented and smart physician who provides compassionate care, has a great sense of humor, and is just a wonderful person. Anyone in Southern Maine who needs that type of physician should contact Bruce Churchill.

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Office 22 Bramhall St Dept Obgyn Portland 04102
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(207) 8858400

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Univ Of Mi Med Sch, Ann Arbor Mi 48109
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(38 years of experience)

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