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Neurological Surgery - Idaho Boise

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Neurological Surgery General Surgery

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Suzanne M (Patient) 04-18-2018
Dr. Frizzell is a very knowledgeable, caring doctor. I had to have extensive neck surgery in 2017 and I feel confident he was the best neosurgeon to do the procedure. He studies every angle and any way he can, to make things better for his patient. After my surgery he came to my hospital room every morning before 6:00 a.m. to check on me. He continues to be concerned about my health, I have follow-up visits to make sure I'm doing okay. I'm very thankful I found Dr. Frizzell! In this day & age too many metical professionals are more concerned about making money and forget why they took an hypocratic oath. I admire doctor's who are truly caring and Dr. Frizzell certainly is one of them!

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Angie O (Patient) 10-20-2014
Excellent surgeon, knows what he's doing. Excellent doctor/patient relationship - explains everything, multiple times if necessary. Stays on top of recovery progress. Can get in immediately if there is a problem. I had spinal fusion, it went exactly as he said it would. Although it took several frustrating months to recover (nothing to do with Dr. Frizzell, just me always in a hurry), I am totally pain free for the first time in 20 years. It has been 5 years since my surgery and still going strong! I break and train horses for a business. Dr. Frizzell is even a nice guy to talk to! I have recommended him to my parents, I have that much trust in his abilities.

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Janet C (Patient) 12-15-2012
First and most importantly, he is an extremely skilled surgeon with a reputation to match. He was able to repair a back issue for me that 3 other surgeons said could not be repaired. Everyone I mentioned his name to had only positive things to say about him.I understand, according to a St Luke's employee that he is referred patients from out of state that are more difficult cases. What I heard the most, after the fact that he is an excellent surgeon, was that he was a really great guy. Doctors, nurses and everyone else I spoke to about Dr Frizzell all commented on him as a good person. And all that I had heard about him, I found to be true. He is extremely thorough and his staff is friendly and eficient. I have never recommended a Doctor as highly as I do Dr Frizzell.

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James W (Patient) 03-20-2012
This is a great Dr.! He found my problem right off when no one else could! I recommend him fully!

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Stacie B. (Patient) 08-10-2009
I completely agree with the reviews above. Dr. Frizzell is professional, compassionate and has an inpeccable reputation. I have had 7 back surgeries over the last 14 years by different neurosurgeons before I finally found Dr. Frizzell. He was refreshing, direct and thorough. I highly recommend him for any spinal care you may need.

Thank you!

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Deneen C (Patient) 07-24-2009
I had a C4-7 Level cervical fusion 2 1/2 years ago with Dr. Frizzell. I had gone to see three other doctors and a physical therapist before the hernations were discovered. On my third Doctor they finally took some Xrays of my neck and suggested an MRI. Thats when they found the problem and sent me to Dr. Frizzell. He is compassionate and a surgeon of unsurpassed expertise. I work for an Orthopedic surgeon and when my boss saw the Xrays of the Surgery that Dr. Frizzell did on me, he said, "That is a text book fusion. It just doesn't get any better than that. If they wanted to show a picture in a text book of a fusion with perfectly placed hardware this would be it. He did a wonderful Job!" I was so excited to hear that.
I am very pleased with my surgery and with the aftercare he has given me. I feel very blessed.

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Tina M. L (Patient) 11-20-2008
Dr. Frizzell performed a 5 level anterior cervical fusion on me 4 1/2 years ago with wonderful results. After nearly 2 years of complaining to chiropractors, general physcians and pain specialist I was sent to see Dr. Frizzell. He looked at my scans, examined me, reviewed my history and diagnosed my problems with great efficiency. He is a superb neuro surgeon, with great compassion for those in his care.

I recommend him highly.

Thank you.

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