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(City : Canoga Park)
(ZIP : 91303)
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Book I - Unlocking the Secret of Life,

Book II - We are Inevitable, We are Forever, and

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General Practice

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joseph c (Patient) 06-29-2011
Dr, weiss has been my doctor for over 30 yrs, and has been a great doctor for over 50 yrs, the best in the valley!

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Marina P (Friend) 04-14-2010
Before to choose a doctor I always do Internet research collecting all the information whatever is available. Speaking about Dr. S. Weiss, I should mention his remarkable article I've read just today in one magazine in the clinical waiting room in Credit Valley Hospital (Mississauga). I was impressed so much how deep understanding and sofisticated knowlege of the conception of cosmetic dentistry is shown! By my nature I'm a designer and I value very highly everything what is really esthetic. To be a great artist it's necessary to have the talent, the sense of beauty, harmony and balance. The sense is real God's gift which can be given not to anyone even well-educated and very intelligent peson. And it was so pleasantly to see that Dr.S. Weiss is the person who has this exeptional sense, this gift. I can trust him myself and I kindly recommend to everybody this highly professional doctor.

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Jody E (Patient) 02-19-2008
I went to Dr. Weiss on a referral and was happy to see that he is as wonderful as my friend told me. Previously, I had been told that I was just "fat" and needed to lose weight. When I went into Dr. Weiss' office, the staff was friendly and he was no different! He diagnosed me with Thyroid disease...and three tumors. Funny how the other doctor did not even want to touch my neck....especially when I told her I could not breath when I layed down. Love Dr. Weiss...can not say enough good things about him!

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Janet (Patient) 02-07-2007
Dr. Weiss has been my Dr. for several years. I have had pain in my shoulder and collar-bone since I injured it as an adolescent . When his office moved out of my area, I followed him to the new location.
He is an attentive and kind physician, who does not posess the arrogance or impatience I have experienced from so many Drs. I've gone to. He performs thorough examinations without prompting. Some tests I'd never even heard of, but had deeper diagnostic capabilities than other tests I'd been given before then. Once when I had numbness in my shin and some other symptoms, he checked me for a brain tumor by using something very much like a 'tuning fork'. (He is aware that my mother died young from a brain tumor.) Simple but very effective. The numbness was properly diagnosed and treated as "stress".
Dr. Weiss' staff is friendly and courteous as well.
I've never even had trouble finding a parking space.

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Oleeta Igar (Patient) 01-15-2007
Dr. Weiss is a kind, extremely knowledgeable Doctor who answers all your questions. He's an inventor, and an author, and has seen and done it all. He takes all kinds of medical insurance including Medi-Care and Medi-Cal (will also take straight Medi-Cal). An additional help is the fact that he was a Pharmacist too so he knows his drugs and interactions, problems, etc. His number is (818) 346-1515.

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