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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Oklahoma Oklahoma City

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(City : Oklahoma City)
(ZIP : 73120)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Betsey K (Patient) 12-08-2011
Dr. Melendez is a very competent and compassionate physician. He takes the time to explain things and answer questions. He has been my doctor for over 11 years and i have changed hospitals and insurance to stay with Dr. Melendez.
Dr. Melendez delivered both my children and both were high risk pregnancies, the first resulting in an emergency c-section, the second was a VBAC. Dr. Melendez performed my hysterectomy via daVinci robotic method and I couldn't be more pleased with with his care.

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Erin A (Patient) 01-17-2009
I have been seeing Dr. Melendez for about 7 years now. He has delivered my two daughters. This is an amazing Doctor. He and Becky have been so good to me. There are about 10 of my girlfriends who are patients also. He always makes you feel like your his friend and makes sure he answers all of your questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone, I always do.

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Monica R (Patient) 04-08-2008
As a young woman, I had a hard time with the idea of having a male Gynecologist, and after the first male doctor I went to made it worse, I was hesitant to try another. I had never found a doctor I trusted and that could make me feel at home. That is until a friend of mine suggested Dr. David Melendez. As soon as I stepped into that office and began to talk to his nurse Becky, I felt relieved. I let them know that I was still new to the whole process and the previous (male) doctor was less than friendly. Dr. Melendez immediately put me at ease and I knew that I had found my doctor. Dr. Melendez is a very intelligent, cheerful, friendly and experienced doctor. I began going to him over 8 years ago, and I have suggested him to each and every one of my girlfriends. Every time I step into that office, they always remember me, they recall the events of my life and they are interested in my emotional well being as well as my physical well being. I have to be honest, I do not like going to doctors, but this is the most amazing doctor and staff that I actually look forward to catching up with them every year. They are also very generous with their time, and if you have any kind of concern, they are quick to call you back. True, the office is always busy, but I think waiting a few extra minutes is well worth the level of professionalism that they treat me with.

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Nita (Patient) 01-15-2007
My periods were normal for most of my life. Then, a few months after the birth of my last child, things went haywire. My thighs would ache, I would get horrible cramps and flow like two Niagras. I was using vacation time from work to go home and change clothes because I was flowing so heavily I would have accidents all the time. My best friend recommend I see her doctor. We tried different things but nothing helped. My insurance company denied my hysterctomy and wanted me to have a DNC. This did not help. After my next period, Dr. Melendez conatacted the insurance company again and they agreed to my hysterectomy. Dr. Melendez was always concerned with how I was feeling. His staff was always on top of what was going on with my insurance company and very friendly. They put up with my constant calling and faxing them anytime I had questions. Dr. Melendez not only informed me but also asked my husband if he hand any questions and made sure to answer all of them. We followed every protocol the insurance company had and I finally received my hysterctomy thanks to the help of Dr. Melendez and his staff. I highly, highly recommend him. My surgery was a success. I wish I had found him sooner. He was always professional and has a wonderful sense of humor and never acts like he is god or that you as patient has no idea what you are talking about. He eased every fear I had and kept me laughing. My surgery took a little longer than planned because I had a lot of scar tissue from previous c-sections, that adhered to my ovaries. Dr. Melendez thinks this is what was causing my pain and horrible periods. Thank God all that is behind me now. I cannot imagine going through this with another doctor. His concern was genuine and always in my best interest.

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Office 4140 W Memorial Rd Ste 500 Oklahoma City 73120
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(405) 2726177
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(405) 2313721

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Univ Of Pr Sch Of Med, San Juan Pr 00936
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(38 years of experience)

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