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Mordcai BLAU MD
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Mordcai BLAU MD
Plastic Surgery - New York White Plains

Mordcai BLAU
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Mordcai BLAU MD


New York

(City : White Plains)
(ZIP : 10605)
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Plastic Surgery

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Leigh P (Patient) 01-03-2011
I went to Dr Blau recently for a consultation re chest reconstruction as I am a female to male transgender.
Dr Blau was able to advise me on surgery and likely outcomes in a very open and honest way.
Given the fact that he also has a background in art and sculpture this makes him stand out in his field as he truly cares about the aesthetics of his work and is known to leave no scars - something which is prevelant in the world of gender reallignment surgery.
I have talked to many of his patients and each and every one of them has been extremely satisfied with their results.
I highly recommend him.

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Brenda c (Friend) 10-29-2010
I know Dr Mordcai Blau for 7 years and I had surgery by him. I know quite a few people that had surgery with Dr Blau and they are all very happy with their results.
He is a great surgeon and person.You can trust him.

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a rajber (Patient) 09-03-2010
I had several procedures done by Dr Mordcai Blau including lipostion of my arms,chin ,tummy ,back and flanks.Neck lift and Eyelids surgery. Dr Mordcai Blau is a talented and knowlegable surgeon and a compationate person. I had great experience with him and I would recomend him with all my heart.

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Roy (Patient) 01-07-2009
Dr. Blau is a Great Plastic Surgeon!!
I had Gynecomastia surgery performed by him and I am very satisfied from the results.
He is professional and caring and I don't hesitate to recommend on him to any of my close friends.

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White Plains Hospital
White Plains Hospital 41 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY NY 10601
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Office 12 Greenridge Ave White Plains NY 10605
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(914) 4284700
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(914) 4286971
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(914) 4286971

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Tel Aviv university
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(45 years of experience)

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