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Charlotte WHITE MD
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Charlotte WHITE MD
Oral and Maxillofacial - Florida Tallahassee

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(City : Tallahassee)
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Dianne (Friend) 12-01-2011
Dr Charlotte White passed away Jan 2010
She had a wonderful reputation as a person and medical provider.

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FSU Florida Girl (Patient) 09-24-2010
Dr. White is very transparent and explains the entire process in detail. From the procedure to the payment method I found very helpful even with out insurance to cover the cost. I personally saved up money for the procedure, but it was nice to know they had a payment plan if I was not prepared for the finical burden. Not only does her easy going open to answer any questions far exceeded my expectations, but eased my mind that I was in good hands for the extraction of all four of my wisdom teeth. Her staff was well very kind and you could tell they were happy to work for her. I would recommend this doctor to anyone for any procedure they need done but also for the quality and customer service she provides during the process.

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stacy boutwell (Patient) 01-17-2007
I suffer from TMJ and after having my hysterectomy, the problem grew worse. Dr. White has had a hysterectomy at a young age and also suffers from TMJ. She has been a very understanding and considerate Dr. and has suggested treatments that help me withthe TMJ as well as helping me deal with the hysterectomy i had. She is a caring, friendly, very trustworthy and experienced Dr. that will exhaust all avenues available to help you.
i have had to have several procedures and she has been wonderful on follow upi and really tries to connect to her patients.

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