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Tammy (Patient) 03-31-2012
Dr. Teague is one of the most knowlegable doctors I have seen in his speciality and medications. I highly recommend him for diabetes, hormones, thyroid and trigs. Be prepared to wait though :)

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Dianne Bailey (Patient) 01-17-2007
I was sent to Dr. Teague 12 years ago when I had cancer of the Thyroid. He impressed me with his knowledge, the way he explained exactly what was needing to be done, and what my thyroid profile was showing. He is always cheerful, and takes the time to listen and answer questions. When we had a hard time getting the correct dosage of Synthoid to regulate my levels, he never gave up until the levels were just right. I recommend Dr. Teague very highly. He has his office at Norwood Clinic, by Carraway Hospital.

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