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Angi (Patient) 10-07-2015
After being on quite a long waiting list for hysterectomy, my day finally arrived, only to be cancelled due to floods in SC. I was immediately referred to Dr. Hutchinson who graciously got me into his office the day after my cancelled surgery. After his examination, he went above and beyond getting me onto his surgery schedule two days after my appointment! He is the kindest OBGYN and clearly cares about his patients. If you are looking for someone who is honest and cares about your well-being, Dr. Hutchinson is that dr!

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Brandi (Patient) 04-01-2014
After years of pain, a hysterectomy and an emotional roller coaster, he performed a surgery that I desperately needed for quality of life. At 17 years of age, a routine visit turned into finding precancerous cervical cells. He immediately treated me and didn't wait around to watch the cells get worse. I had to change doctors due to moving for years but at 33 years old, went back to him because every doctor I saw would not listen to me about my symptoms. When he saw me and looked over my previous records that I took to him, he checked me finding that surgery was needed to fix the problem. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor who will actually try to fix any problems you may have and not just try to put a band-aid on them. He is great!

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Tonya Dorsey (Patient) 02-26-2007
I have been a patient of Dr Hutchinson since 2002. He performed my hysterectomy (2003) and ovary removal (2007). I respect Dr Hutchinson because he listens to me and trusts that I know my body. He is very easy to talk with. He explains the issue or condition and provides me with the available options. He includes me in the decision making process.

He also has a very professional and friendly staff. They take really good care of me as a patient.

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Elaine Means (Patient) 01-05-2007
After dealing with pain for 7 years and seeing doctor after doctor all over the country I finally found the best.DR Hutchinson. He has taken the time to get to know me as a person and to find out what was going on with me when everyone else I have seen either said I dont know or its all in your head.Yes,I have been told that. He is caring and a very wonderful person. I definetly suggest him to you all if you are not finding answers anywhere else.

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