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Mary Margaret LANHAM MD
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Mary Margaret LANHAM MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Georgia Marietta

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(City : Marietta)
(ZIP : 30060)
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Mary Margaret LANHAM MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Melinda G (Patient) 09-16-2008
What a fantastic doctor. I'd been struggling with hot flashes since my 2007 hysterectomy. Upon our move back to Georgia, I looked up Dr. Lanham. She was enthusiastic, thorough, funny, down to earth and knew her stuff. She named my options and told me which she though would suit me best and she was right. I am so much more balanced today and feel so much better. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Lanham.

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Stephanie (Patient) 01-23-2007
Dr. Lanham (Chappell) - was my ob-gyn up until 2 years ago. While examing me during my annual check up, Dr. Chappell felt something unusual while pressing on my adbomen. She performed an ultra sound and discovered clusters of large cysts on both of my ovaries.
Dr. Chappell recommended me to a very good gyn/onc whom performed my hysterectomy and I am still under his care. It turned out to be borderline ovarian cancer.

Not only is Dr. Chappell very thorough, she is extremely personable and treats you like one of her family. I highly recommend her, and will hopefully return as her patient in another 3 years.

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Cecelia (Patient) 01-18-2007
Lanham, Mary M MD - Ob-Gyn Assoc
(770) 422-8700 72 Plaza Way NW , Marietta, GA

I was referred to Dr. Lanham in late (Nov/Dec) 2001. I was having severe cramping, but not bleeding, every other period. On my first visit, after speaking with me at length, Dr. Lanham said that she didn't think it was anything serious, BUT that she wanted to rule out any serious issues immediately, and she gave me an ultrasound that day. It showed that the lining of my endometrius was way thicker than normal. She scheduled a biopsy for shortly after that, once again to rule OUT cancer, and the biopsy came back as being pre-cancerous. Based on my age (52) she suggested a complete hysterectomy, and decided to call in a gyne-onc JUST IN CASE they found more during the surgery. She referred me to him and he said that, in his opinion, I already had endometrial cancer. Surgery was scheduled for March, 2002, and the biopsy following the hysterectomy confirmed that it was, in deed, cancer. Because it was caught early, I did not have to undergo radiation or chemotherapy.

This March will be my 5 year anniversary with (hopefully!) no recurrence thanks to Dr. Lanham's pro-active care. In addition to being a great, thorough doctor, she was also remarkably easy to talk to and very understanding. While I have not seen her since (I remained under the care of the gyne-onc and then moved to SE Georgia), I can not recommend her highly enough.

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Office 72 Plaza Way NW Marietta 30060
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Office Phone # :
(770) 4228700
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(770) 4257601

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Univ Of Fl Coll Of Med, Gainesville Fl 32610
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(23 years of experience)

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