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Mary Claire REARDON MD
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Mary Claire REARDON MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri Kansas City

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(City : Kansas City)
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Michelle (Patient) 12-25-2009
Dr. Reardon has delivered both of my daughters. I delt with a lot of discomfort throughout my second pregnancy and she was always willing to listen to my concerns and always offered suggestions with compassion and understanding. She even took the time to come up after we had my second daughter to see how things were going, even though she wasn't on duty. She's very involved and caring. She's a great doctor and I would hate to see anyone else.

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Crystal (Patient) 04-06-2007
Dr. Reardon delivered my son. While most obstetricians won't listen to maternal pregnancy history, Dr. Reardon did. It made me feel comforted to know that she listened and took in to consideration that women in family have not had an easy time with natural delivery. She respected my wishes to try a natural birth until she saw no other answer other than c-section. I have great faith in Dr. Reardon and her abilities in the delievery room.

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Mary Pangburn (Patient) 01-19-2007
I have been going to this doctor since 1998 and I cannot say enough good about her. She performed a hysterectomy on me in 2004. She is very thorough and definitely a very caring physician. I, and many other of her patients would say the same.

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