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Denise "Annee" Morris (Patient) 10-07-2010
Not only does he really care about his patients, he explains everything and gives you options and information so that you can choose what make you most comfortable. I wish I had met him years ago. He pulls no punches and he truly cares, he came in the morning I was released from the hospital, let me know I was his star patient and wanted to know how I was feeling and then released me, and at the post op check up he listened and let me know I was a doing a good job at recovery. Sometimes we need our doctors to connect with us, even if we are anxious. He calms you down with his calm manner and is so informative and for once you are treated not as the "NEXT" patient but as a person he cares about. Not only that he is an excellent surgeon. I had a hysterctomy and a bladder sling put in and I am blessed to have found the right doctor to perform the surgeries! He is awesome. Highly recommend... His staff is really great too and they all always are cheerful and helpful.I trust them and I recommend him and his staff to everyone I know. I feel comfortable with Dr. Majors and his office.

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Jessica (Patient) 10-13-2009
He is absolutely wonderful! He helps me up on the table which is a small thing, but speaks volumes of his bedside manner. We are trying to get pregnant and I cant wait for him to be my doctor!

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Richelle (Patient) 08-01-2008
He has been the surgeon for the delivery of both of my sons, and HIGHLY recommend him. If I am to have another, I will once again ask him. He is very professional, happy go lucky, and really takes the time to find out if you need anything, and make sure you understand everything.

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Shanna (Patient) 07-23-2008
Dr. Majors was able to explain things to me in detail so that I would understand what my test results meant. He spent a lot of time talking to me and making sure that I knew everything that was going on with my body. I never feel rushed and I know that I can ask just about any question and get honest and educated answer. He is an all around great doctor.

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Mary Hinman (Patient) 01-19-2007
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Majors. He is very skilled at his job and made me feel very confident things would be fine, and they were!! He is great!!

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