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Deb (Patient) 10-18-2018
I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. I was very sick and not a surgical candidate at the time. Dr. Phibbs started me on a chemo regime that shrunk the tumors and allowed me to regain my strength. When I was strong enough for him to perform surgery 9 months later, there were no cancer cells found. Dr. Phibbs is an awesome physician and a gifted surgeon.

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Heather (Patient) 06-08-2017
Dr. Phibbs was highly recommended to me by my obgyn as she wanted a second opinion for me and felt more comfortable having him perform my surgery. I had an amazing recovery which I will forever be thankful to him for.
He was very kind.
He ended up needed to remove my ovaries as they had many cysts on them. He actually took pictures of them to give me peace of mind knowing it was the best thing to do. I will never forget that.

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Marlene (Patient) 12-08-2010
Dr. Phibbs has many years of experience working with women with gynecological cancers. He's very compassionate, easy to talk to and genuinely interested in his patients. I had a TAH BSO and I felt very confident in his skills and training. My surgery went well as has my recovery.

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Marlene (Patient) 11-22-2010
Dr. Phibbs is a compassionate and caring doctor who is dedicated to women's health and reproductive issues. I was referred to Dr. Phibbs when an ultrasound showed football sized tumor where my right ovary should have been. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy (uterus, cervix, ovaries and tubes) in October of this year. Dr. Phibbs was able to remove the tumor (which weighed ten pounds) without any harm to any other organs. I felt completely at ease with Dr. Phibbs and felt confident in his skills as a surgeon.

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lynda (Patient) 03-06-2010
Dr. Phibbs is wonderful. I had a rather sudden health crisis that was appearing like it could have been the worst case scenario and Dr. Phibbs scheduled my surgery within 10 days of seeing him. His office staff is the BEST I have ever dealt with in the medical community! The absolute best! I ended up having a complete/total abdominal hysterectomy, 3 tumors removed, 2 were in tricky places that could have caused damage to other organs, but Dr. Phibbs was able to remove the masses without damaging adjacent organs. Dr. Phibbs wife with her holistic/acupunture/eastern medicine practice (right there in the same office) put ear seeds in my ears before surgery and I had ZERO pain, nausea and/or vomiting. NO PAIN. I did not use pre-op meds, the pain pump after surgery, pain injections, or even oral medications...EVER! I was up and walking andsitting in a chair in the recovery room,much to the shock of the recovery room nurse. I was home within 36 hours of an abdominal hysterectomy! He is THE MAN in my book. We are extremely fortunate to have him in our area.

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Brittany (Patient) 01-14-2008
Dr. Phibbs is an amazing doctor! I went to him for a second opinion after having many abnormal paps and surgeries. He assured me that I would be able to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and he was right! I delivered a 7 lb. 11 oz. baby boy in January 2007. I never thought I would be able to have children because of my medical history. He now sees me for my regular pap smears and biopsies even though he is an oncologist. His office staff is also wonderful and caring! FYI--he is a VERY BUSY doctor. It is not uncommon to wait several weeks to months to see him. Each time I have had an office visit scheduled I have waited between 1-2 hrs. to be seen. I promise that he is worth the wait. He has saved the lives of countless women in Northwest Ohio and you will surely meet someone in the waiting room that has travelled from another state just to see him.

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Hope (Patient) 02-12-2007
Dr. Phibbs has saved my life two times over the last 8 years. I had a partial hysterectomy after having an 8 pound tumor develop on one of my ovaries, I was very, very ill. He saved my life, I trust him completely. I later had a total hysterectomy because of another small tumor that he caught very early. He let me make the decision as to what I wanted to do, whether a total or just the tumor removed. I recomend him VERY highly to anyone with cancer related issues or just as a OBGYN. He is great.

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Kellie Cook (Patient) 01-08-2007
Dr. Phibbs is the most caring and knowledgeable doctor that I have ever encountered. He gave me hope and made me feel brave in a time that I really needed to feel that. I was back at work and at 100% four weeks post op of a radical hysterectomy with the removal of my lymph nodes.

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