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Plastic Surgery

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Lynne Y (Patient) 11-12-2011
My mother had a breast removed almost 20 years ago, due to Paget's Disease. She was relatively young, so she chose to have reconstruction with Dr. Shestak. The finished result was astounding! Her new breast looked almost identitical to her normal breast - nipple and all.

I have always struggled with asymetrical breasts. My right breast was much larger than my left. I always wanted to do something about it, and finally - at the age of 47 - I decided to get it done. Initially, I went to a female surgeon, with a local high profile clinic, for a consult. She told me she couldn't do one without the other, so I was looking at a double breast lift. I was fine with my left breast, so couldn't justify having both altered. I remembered the incredible job Dr. Shestak did with my mom, so I made an appointment with him. He didn't hesitate to tell me I was making the right decision - he COULD do one without the other - called a mastopexy of the right breast. He made me feel so comfortable - answered all of my questions and then some. I didn't hesitate to call and schedule surgery a few days later. Like others have said, Dr. Shestak is brilliant....a true professional....his compassion and bedside manner are beyond compare. My experience during surgery at Magee and post-op at his office were a true pleasure (as much of a pleasure that surgery could possibly be!).

This guy is the real deal. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Dr. Shestak is simply wonderful.

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jess (Patient) 08-10-2011
I had breast augmentation with Dr. Shestak few months ago & am reallyyy happy with the result (proportionate & natural look & feel). Before having the surgury I searched for months for a doctor who knows his job well & after reading dr shestak publications history and patient's review I decided to go with him. During the consultation he let me ask as many questions as I wanted & made me aware of all possible risks of the surgury.
Dr. Shestak is very knowledgeable & truely an expert. I feel very comfortable with him & very happy with the result. I am thinking of also having lipo with him!

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Bonny S (Patient) 04-15-2010
I have had several surgeries with the amazing Dr, Shestak! He is a perfectionist and has a wonderful bedside manner. Truly a commendable trait and almost impossible to find these days!

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Yaimi (Patient) 03-24-2010
Great Surgeon!!! Muy profesional y preocupado por sus pacientes. Muy satisfecha con my Tummy Tuck procedure. I love my new look!! Thanks Dr. Shestak! Lo recomiendo con los ojos cerrados.

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Anna M. (Patient) 08-01-2008
Three years ago I had a breast aumentation with lift. I had another consulation with another physican at the time. After meeting Dr. Shestak, I immediately cancelled my other consultation. I did not even go home to think about the surgery. I called back right away and scheduled. It was textbook. I was so content with the outcome and no complications. This man is brilliant and knows breast like nobody else. Three years after my first very successful surgery, I decided to go with silicone implants and I wanted smaller breasts...yes smaller. I am an athlete and my larger breasts were not natural for me. He was completely honest and told me it was a very good decision. Another successful surgery. His bedside manner and his knowledge is outstanding. I will not ever even consider another plastic surgeon. Dr. Shestak has done so much research on breasts and he certainly proves that. Dr. Shestak is the best!

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Anna S (Patient) 03-22-2008
I was so fortunate to be recommended to Dr. Shestak by my gynecologist for my abdominoplasty and liposuction procedure. I had the surgery at the same time as my radical hysterectomy. I have been so impressed with his brilliance as a surgeon as well as his kindness and compassion in dealing with me since my first meeting with him and all the way through the surgery and post of visits. He was so kind that in bad weather he traveled to my gynecologist office to see me 10 days post op because the weather was bad and I was having a difficult time getting around. He has also managed to put together a support staff that is as professional and efficient as he is. My body is amazing I had minimal bruising and my scar at 8 weeks post op looks as if it were 2 years old. I would recommend Dr. Shestak to anyone who is thinking of having any plastic surgery procedure done. In speaking with other staff members at UPMC where he is the Chief of Plastic & Reconstructive surgery, everyone there has the same opinion. If they were ever going to have a plastic procedure done they would choose him. He is nationally renowned for his skills in body contouring. He has co-authored a book on breast reconstruction. His experience far surpasses any of the other surgeons that I met with and now I am living proof of his expertise. Just google him to find out more.

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