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Donna M D (Patient) 01-18-2011
Dr Murphy was recommended to me by my cousin who had ovarian cancer. I also was having problems with ovarian cysts, and eventually had them out by his surgery. He has great bedside manner , and takes an interest in your overall health. I am so happy to have found him , since my other doctor retired after my children. I also wish he was a GP doctor, as he is very knowledgable of womens health.

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Kerri (Patient) 07-05-2008
Very knowleageable and great bedside manner!! I saw him throughout most of my pregnancy and he never let me walk out of the office without making sure all of my questions were answered. It is so uncommon to find a good doctor these days that has a great bedside manner, but Joe Murphy is one of them. He is the best doctor I have met (and I am a nurse!) I only wish he was on call the day I delivered my son!

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LYN M. (Patient) 09-26-2007
Dr. Joe Murphy along with his associates at Abington Primary Woman's Healthcare Group are the most wonderful group of Dr.'s I have ever been in contact with. Dr. Murphy, Dr. Ruiz, & Dr. Bartlett were fully supportive of me during my recent surgery and my lenghthy recovery. Each Dr. treated me with the upmost care and compassion. I highly recommend these fine doctors to any woman who must face having any type of gynocologic surgery.

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Lyn (Patient) 08-22-2007
Dr. Murphy is one of the nicest,most compassionate people I have ever met. A man who truly cares about his patients. Dr. Murphy has gone above and beyond the call of duty when dealing with me about my surgery. He has spent a great deal of time with me and my husband explaining and reassuring us that everything would turn out ok (which so far it has). On 8/14/07 Dr. Murphy performed a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and removed both ovaries due to a large (7CM) mass that was growing on my right ovary. From day 1 Dr. Murphy was comforting, friendly, and, dilegent about my care, always giving me as much time as needed to have all my questions and fears answered. In other words Dr Joseph Murphy is a Royal "Mensch" I highly recommend Dr. Joseph Murphy as the ob/gyn of the year!

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Anita Fredlund Hart (Patient) 01-20-2007
He is so personable, He was my surgeon and was very patient and caring. He took the time to explaine to both me and my husband. He did not push, but kindly gave me my options and explained why I needed to have the surgery. I can't say enough about how wonderful of a Doctor he is. He makes you feel so at ease; the way he is with his patients makes them feel not only safe, but that he too his human and not so differant from them. I have been to Doctors that they may be good but make you feel that they are not human. He is NOT like this

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