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Scott Allen RUSHTON MD
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Scott Allen RUSHTON MD
Orthopedics - Pennsylvania Drexel Hill

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(City : Drexel Hill)
(ZIP : 19026)
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Orthopedic Surgery

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lori g (Patient) 07-20-2012
12 yrs. Ago I was in a car accident and as the years went on so did the pain.. I wasn't able to enjoy anything. Dr Rushton saw me and was genuinly concerned about me. He fused C-6-C-7, the pain after surgery was non existent I didn't take anything but a tylenol 3 a few times. Im enjoying every day, with my husband & children, swimming, going out, even wearing makeup and jewelry again! Dr. Rushton is a wonderful doctor I will never be able to thank him for all that he has done for me. I have friends that have had this surgery & there doctor didn't take as many precautions as Dr Rushton for example the length of time wearing the collar, not riding in a car, hospital stay and my incision healed so well its hardly visible. I listened and followed all of his instruction and I'm totally pain free!

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Maryann (Patient) 04-04-2012
Dr. Rushton performed my spine surgery and relieved the severe pain that I had. I am now able to live pain free!

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Ann Marie D (Patient) 07-18-2007
Dr. Rushton performed a lumbar laminectomy on me in 2000 when I was a student at University of Pennsylvania. I couldn't even walk because my disc was compressed with a microscopic fragment of scar tissue that no one else believed could cause paralysis. Seven years later I have no neurological deficits and no pain -- and I can walk again and have even run a Marathon! He's a very skilled surgeon with a superb bed side manner. Would highly recommend.

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Gloria Hoffman (Patient) 01-21-2007
Dr. Rushton accepted me as a patient after searching for a surgeon that met "my" qualifications. Dr. Rushton is a young, but very skilled, experienced orthopedic spinal surgeon. (OSS)He fused discs C 4-5, 5-6, and 6-7 of my cervical spine.

I was very nervous before this surgery, but Dr. Rushton met me in the OR before they provided anesthesia for the surgery and assured me that everything would be fine. This was an eight hour surgery with a plate in the front and rods and screws in the back of the neck.

I have done very well with this surgery. Many people that have the same levels done do not have the ROM that I do. Dr. Rushton woke me from the surgery and asked immediately if the pain and numbness were gone. I was thankful all pain and numbness was gone...neck, shoulder and arm.

I received excellent care while at the Pennsylvania Hospital from the nurses and staff. Dr. Rushton provides great follow-up care and I know if I have a problem I can call and get in to see him within a short period of time. ( week or two)

Dr. Rushton is confident in his surgical skills and is always honest, friendly and cheerful. He always seems to knows my name ( or is good at pretending), but seems to take a real interest in his patients and their spinal problems.

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