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Charles Kenneth TRAVERS MD
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Charles Kenneth TRAVERS MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Maryland Silver Spring

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(City : Silver Spring)
(ZIP : 20901)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Tremel (Patient) 12-02-2011
Dr. Travers is wonderful. He delivered both of my sons 19 and 17 years ago and I would go to anyone else. He even took the time to talk to my older son in his office when I came in for a visit. LOVE HIM!!!

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Susan S. (Patient) 09-19-2011
Dr. Travers is the best!!! I think of him as the gynecological version of Mr. Rodgers. I wish I could clone him and have him as my orthopedist and my ophthalmologist and all the rest. There is not much I can add to the wonderful reviews above, except to say that his concern and caring have meant a great deal to me.

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Saveatria A (Patient) 04-05-2011
I recommend this Doctor because this is what a practicing physican should act like...Kind, compassionate, cares about the quality of his work. When you see Dr.Travers you will indeed wait for him but when he does come in the room you will never feel rushed and you feel cared about. This Man is not a wait and see kind of Doctor. He is lets be on the safe side kind of Doctor and he wants to attack whatever problem he foresees. I'm a young Women who is going to give birth to my first Baby in a couple of weeks. My first trimester was really bumpy with all kinds of things popping up. He pulled me through it with his knowledge and skills. If you are looking for a serene doctor with a level head who respects his patients...your on the right track! Look no further.

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Eileen (Patient) 05-17-2010
I have been seeing Dr. Travers for 27 years. He delivered my 26 year old and 15 year old. You can't ask for a better doctor. With healthcare the way it is today, typically doctors are unable to spend a lot of time with you. With Dr. Travers he makes the time. He knows how important your visit is and address all your questions and concerns. You never feel rushed. He is a very knowledgeable doctor who is very caring of his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Travers! You will not regret your decision.

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Angela G (Patient) 03-23-2010
When my OB/GYN stopped delivering babies, I was referred to Dr. Travers by my aunt, LaWan K. During the final stages of my pregnancy, I was sooo tired and frustrated. Dr. Travers was very supportive, giving hugs and even kisses. Dr. Travers delivered my son on January 1, 2009. He was very gentle during my delivery. After my son was born, Dr. Travers stayed around and took pictures with my baby like he was part of the family. Dr. Traves is the BEST!

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LaWan K (Patient) 12-31-2009
I've been with Dr. Travers for many years. I always had a female GYN doctor. However, upon meeting Dr. Kenneth Travers, I was sold on his knowledge, kindness and the detail in which he explains your visit. Being a patient of Dr. Travers, gives you a unique opportunity to experience the real meaning of bed-side manner. He is gifted at what he does and I hope all who have a need for doctor with these qualities check him out.

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Deanna (Patient) 08-04-2009
I was referred to Dr. Travers 11 years ago by my gynecologist who was retiring at the time. I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy with my daughter. Having to make the change of doctors so late during my pregnancy was a little uneasy. However, upon my first meeting with Dr. Travers, all my fears were put to rest. I could not have asked for a better Dr. Not only is he kind, gentle and compassionate, he is extremely detailed with his information and goes the extra mile to make sure that his patients are well informed.

He delivered to me a healthy daughter 11 years ago and I have been a patient ever since. Not only that I have recommended at least 5 other women to him who have also become patients.

You couldn't ask for a better physician.

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Amy P (Patient) 05-27-2009
Dr. Travers is a wonderful doctor. I feel confident in his medical ability and I appreciate his caring professionalism.

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LaLisha m (Patient) 02-06-2009
This is one of the BEST doctors in the industry! Very patient and knowledgable.

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Paula I (Patient) 12-01-2008
Wow! The best doctor ever!

Dr.Travers delivered my 29 year old son and I reconnnected a few years ago by looking for a doctor that would manange bio-identacal hormone replacement therapy (BRHT). At the time he was the only physician in Maryland that would manage this for me.

Since then many of my friends have gone to him and love the experience, as well as the results of managing hormones to make life a bit easier.

I was one of those that had not been since my last child was born 18 years ago. Dr Travers was wonderful, kind, gentle, and started me back on appropriate healthcare with minimal pain.

He is the gentlest and kindess wonderful docto any woman would ever want.

I highly recommend!

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Tiffany (Patient) 08-25-2008
Best doctor ever! Bedside manner is top-notch. Still gives individualized attention and care, thorough testing and remembers the details of your life from year to year!

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Merikay S. (Patient) 01-02-2008
I have been a patient of Dr. Travers for over 16 years and highly recommend him. I still use him as my doctor although I moved to another area of the state 5 years ago. It's worth it to me to drive back to get the quality of care and positive experience that comes with being his patient. I trust his medical expertise and have only had very positive experiences during my annual visits. He was also willing to take on as a patient a friend of mine who has cerebral palsy and required extra exam time without an equivalent increase in compensation. She had been having serious medical difficulties but could not find a doctor willing to take her as a gynecological patient. She was extremely grateful for Dr. Travers' care.

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Terri S (Patient) 07-04-2007
Dr. Travers has been my Dr. for over 30 years. I wish every Dr., every person actually, would have as much compassion and listening ability, who takes all the time needed to talk to you, listen to you, and laughs with you, as he does.
And he gives the warmest hugs.

Dr. Travers makes you feel as if you were his only patient. I'm a former nurse and I've seen every kind of Dr. around.

Believe me, we all want a Dr. like this, we all need it and DESERVE it.

I cannot say enough on how well he's treated myself and members of my family throughout the years and particularly during a very, very, sad and stressful time.

He pulled my daughter(and myself) through a horrific time with his thoughtful words and loving, compassionate and profound thoughts.


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Mellanese Sims (Patient) 01-10-2007
Dr. Travers is the best doctor I have ever known! He has an excellent gentle, yet calm bedside manner. While he is knowledgable and trustworthy, he also has a sense of humor that comes in handy from time to time. He possesses the ability to listen and tries to meet your requests if he can while balancing what is best for you the patient. He has been in practice for over 20 years in the Capital Women's Care Center. He delivered our 7 year old daughter while I was the tender age of 40, one month shy of 41. He also preformed my hysterectomy in Dec. 2006 while giving me the best possible surgery I could have asked for.

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