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Phillip Roy CRAFT MD
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Phillip Roy CRAFT MD
Plastic Surgery - Florida Miami

Phillip Roy CRAFT
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Phillip Roy CRAFT MD



(City : Miami)
(ZIP : 33131)
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Phillip Roy CRAFT MD's Special Expertises :
Specializing in Liposculpture, Breasts Enhancements, Tummy Tucks and Injectables.

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Jasmin (Patient) 05-07-2015
First, I saw my boyfriend visit a few drs for lipo and I went with him to these visits. Once I met Dr Phillip Craft and his beautiful staff, we were both hooked. The bodies of his staff sold me, they all had work done by him and honestly , so tastefully done. so both my boyfriend and myself have both had body sculpting by him and we look absolutely amazing! I cant thank him enough for giving us the look we both wanted. He was informative, caring, and always available thru the entire process.

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ana maria (Patient) 09-01-2010
I have visited a few plastic surgeons in attempts to reclaim my figure after 3 pregnancies. Dr Phillip Craft was the only one who took the time to hear my thoughts and give his advice on what he can do to help me. He was very sweet and down to earth, not the least bit pretentious. I booked the surgery and and finally recovered. I look better now than i did prepregnancy shape. He is an amazing doctor with a true talent for sculpting. I also liked that he had no idea what the prices were. The other doctors i saw all wanted to upsell me on adding extra procedures to make extra money. I thought his prices were reasonable and after doing the surgery would say that i would happily pay whatever the costs would be. There is no price to finally feeling and looking my best!!!

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Sheila Aumiller (Patient) 01-22-2007
After having double mastectomies for cancer (in both breasts), Dr. Phillip Craft re-built me from nothing. I had no nipples and very little muscle left - just flat skin over my chest. The final result of Dr. Craft's surgery is amazing and wonderful. I have total confidence and almost perfect breasts - considering what was taken away. Tatooing around the new areolas was the icing on the cake.

Dr. Craft is a sweet man with a wonderful bedside manner. He's kind, caring and listens well.... then explains everything to patient's satisfaction. I highly recommend his talent in reconstructive surgery - also on a cosmetic level, I understand he works magic. All the staff at Dr. Craft's Office are the nicest and make you feel confident and 'special'. I cannot offer any suggestions as to how Dr. Craft could be any better.

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Baptist Hospital
Baptist Hospital 8700 kendall drive fl 33176
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Office 1441 brickell ave, 3rd floor-sky lobby FL 33131
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(305) 2715097
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(305) 6240009
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u of tenn memphis
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(22 years of experience)
spanish and english

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