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Timothy Fred SHAWL MD
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Timothy Fred SHAWL MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Pennsylvania Marcus Hook

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(City : Marcus Hook)
(ZIP : 19061)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Tara (Patient) 07-21-2009
Dr Shawl is a very attentive, extremely informative and caring doctor. He really listened to and respected my decisions during my pregnancy. Before, during and after my pregnancy he always took extra time to answer my questions, listen to my concerns, and offer reassurance when tests results were uncertain either during appointments or on the phone after hours. I am so thankful that I found him! He is truly what all doctors should be like. I have recommended him to three other people and they are all so happy with him too!

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Jenn B (Patient) 02-25-2009
Dr Shawl is by far the greatest dr EVER!! He delivered my son and being it wsa my first time he made me so comfortable and at ease.. He had the best personality and is very explanitory about everything he is the best! I also now use him as a Gyn. and he is still awsome.. I def will tell everyone to make him ur dr!!!

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Amy G (Patient) 11-05-2008
Dr. Shawl is wonderful. I never thought I would find a doctor I would feel this comfortable with. He is a caring man and a great doctor. A friend recommended him but I already had a doctor and did not want to switch mid pregnancy. I wasn't his patient when I delivered my babies but he was an associate of the my doctor. He helped me through the toughest time of my life after my second child was born. Although I wasn't his patient yet he still had me come in, evaluated me, talked to me, treated me, and even called me at home several times without being asked to. He saved my life and restored my faith in doctors. I am lucky to be his patient.

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Kristy (Patient) 03-12-2008
I recommend Dr. Shawl because he has changed my views on doctors. I saw a different ob/gyn when I was pregnant with my first daughter and it was not a pleasant experience. When I got pregnant with my second daughter last year, I became very nervous thinking that the next doctor I saw would be the same way. Fortunately, Dr. Shawl was recommended to me and I have had a great experience with him although I was pain in the neck. He was very patient and made the delivery of my daughter the way I would have liked during my first delivery. I am very happy to finally say I have a doctor that I trust.

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Beverly (Patient) 02-14-2008
Dr. Shawl is the best OB/GYN I've had in the last 20 years, I've been seeing him since 1998. He's thorough, friendly, caring, and he believes that no women should go through any pain whatsoever; he delivered my son in 2001 and my daughter in 2005. He made my deliveries so painless and easy that it only took me 3 minutes to deliver my daughter. He's the BEST and I highly recommend him to every woman out there!

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Sharon (Patient) 01-02-2008
Dr. Shawl is truly concerned about keeping you informed about your health. He is the only doctor who has ever called me after hours to explain results and also to put my mind at ease. He makes one of the most uncomfortable situations comfortable.
I recently had a change in my health care provider, but I am willing to pay out of pocket to remain Dr. Shawl's patient.

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Rei (Patient) 11-15-2007
Dr. Shawl is the warmest, most caring OB/Gyn that I have dealt with. I initially was a patient of his partner's during my pregnancy in 2001, but was seen by Dr. Shawl because his partner had to cancel my appointment. He was so great that I decided to stay with him. He not only delivered my daughter, but also my soon 4 years later.
I have also recommended him to several friends and associates, who have nothing but great things to say about him.

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Monique (Patient) 10-22-2007
I recommend Dr. Shawl.. he is a funny and great doctor. He delievered my daughter 11 weeks ago and he took very good care of me and my mother didn't trust anyone but him to take care of me and he did a wonderful job. I had a c-section and recovered wonderfully! Dr. Shawl is a caring doctor who will get right back to when u call even if it's for the stupidest thing, i drove him nuts but he was greayt!

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Tina (Patient) 03-02-2007
Timothy Shawl M.D., Dr. Shawl is a warming, caring, funny, experienced doctor who provides EXCELLENT CARE. He is in all just an all around wonderful person. I have been one of his patients for 10 years now. He delivered my three children. I had three complicated pregencies in which Dr. Shawl took every precaution neccessary. I want to Thank him for all he has done for me and my family.

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Sara (Patient) 01-22-2007
He is a sympathetic and caring Ob/Gyn. He delivered my daughter, treated my endometriosis/adenomyosis,and performed my hysterectomy. He takes the time to actually talk to you, explains procedures and or problems, and gives you options to fkeep you fully involved in your medical care.

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Office 2314 3rd Ave Marcus Hook 19061
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(215) 4672205
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(215) 4671121

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Hahnemann Univ Sch Of Med, Philadelphia Pa 19102
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