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Janet (Patient) 02-22-2008
I had been suffering with uterine fibroids since age 36 when I had 3 that were the size of cherry tomatoes. My female GYN doc said "let's watch them". By age 45 my uterus was about the size of a 5 month old fetus. I was so mad with this doc. I knew I had to find someone else because this woman allowed the problem to get out of control to the point where a hysterectomy was the only option. Her idea of a hysterectomy was a "bikini cut" and recovery time of 6 weeks. Luckily I found Dr. Mordel. During my initial visit he diagnosed my problem and provided options. I ended up having a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy. My surgery was at 7:30am and I was home in my bed at 1:15pm the same day with very little pain but did suffer with some nausea. He followed up with the next day ensuring that everything was okay. Four days following the surgery, I resumed most of my normal activities. Of course, I took it easy. I had no problems and have only 3 tiny marks on my stomach. I wish I had found him before turning 40 because I would still have my uterus. But nonetheless, the surgery went very well and I feel great. His staff is the best - some great ladies.

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Jay (Patient) 02-22-2008
Dr. Mordel is absolutely wonderful. Very nice and friendly. During my initial visit, he spent quite a bit of time with me and carefully explained my diagnosis and options. He always takes his time and never rushes. He's a great doctor.

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Sonia Williamson (Patient) 01-23-2007
In February of 2005, I found out that the fibroids that my doctor had been "watching" had grown to the size of a 5/12 to 6 month pregnancy. After doing several tests, my doctor told me that I would need a partial hysterectomy. I had been suffering with pain and heavy periods for several years. Since my doctor no longer was doing surgery, he referred me to one of his collegues. I was very dissapointed in my visit with that surgeon, so I started to research my options. I was lucky enough to locate Dr. Mordel. I knew from my first visit that he would be the doctor for me. He was willing to spend time explaining the procedures to me and making me feel at ease about the situation. My surgery went exceptionally well, and the best part was that it was laproscopic!! I was only at the hospital until 3:00 on the day of surgery and went home with very little pain. He called me at home several times to check on my progress before I came back in for my check-up. I have not had any problems or complications, and I highly recommend this doctor.

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Cindy Brooks (Patient) 01-23-2007
In March of 2005 Dr. Mordel performed a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy for me. My surgery was performed at 11AM and I left the hospital at 5PM with no pain and only three tiny pencil size incisions. I did alot of research before choosing a GYN surgeon. I found Dr. Mordel through the American Academy of Laparoscopic Gynocologist. Also, I talked to friends ( a surgical nurse and an anesthelogist ) who work at Dr. Mordel's hospital ( Piedmont ). I have had several surgerys and have always come out of them experiencing pain and nausea. This surgery was so easy. I hear so many un-pleasent stories about hysterectomy that I feel compelled to share my story. I suffered for years with heavy bleeding due to large fibroids. I had been told by my regular GYN that I would have to take the drug Lupron to shrink my fibroids enough to do a laparascopic hysterectomy. This drug essentially throws you into pre-mature menopause. There was no guarantee that the drug would shrink the fibroids enough for laparoscopic procedure, so a full incision could have been necessary. I did my homework and found a very highly skilled surgeon. I wish that I had had the surgery years before I did, my quality of life has greatly improved!

P.S. I did not like Dr. Mordel's office staff, but it was surgery, not on-going care.

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